Why Don’t You Show Some Interest?

I recently received an email expressing some concern that I hadn’t posted on my Cricket Umpiring experiences for some time.  This was from a fellow who reads my blog but has never made a comment on anything I have posted. In fact, the only people who do comment on my Cricket posts seem to be pommies who don’t follow Cricket .  For those who may be scared to take the plunge and comment on my blog posts, here are the facts:

  • You do not have to register to make a comment.
  • I will not send you junk email – in fact I do not send anybody junk email.
  • I will not pass on, share with or sell your email address to anybody.
  • Your email address is only used to optionally notify you of further comments to a post that you have commented on.

Okay?  Now, you are also permitted to join my mailing list (see above), which is separate from my blog.  I will occasionally send you emails about genuine offers and some free gifts from time to time .  This requires a two-stage opt-in process to ensure that nobody else can sign you up without your permission .  Again, I will not pass on, share with or sell your email address to anybody else, and you can opt-out at any time and you will not receive any more emails from me. I also have a spam filter to remove unwanted email addresses from my website.

So, have you got the message?  You can comment without fear, although I do reserve the right to delete inappropriate comments. 


6 Responses to “Why Don’t You Show Some Interest?”

  1. Don, I can’t find your opt-in box for your mailing list? Have you moved it?

    I’m interested because I removed my opt-in box from my blog, when I got disillusioned with email marketing. I don’t even send the commentors notifications of follow-up comments.

    I’m just about to start collecting email addresses again with a promise to only send out messages once a month. No more, no less.

    Stingy with his emails in Leamington Spa, England

  2. I am another pommy non cricket fan Don, but I certainly don’t begrudge you posting on your passion. The good thing about cricket is you can enjoy a beer or three while watching the game.

    Here in the UK most sports stadiums are dry while the game is on, and where you can get a drink it’s usually in plastic containers and highly priced at that.

    Ashton-under-Lyne, UK
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  3. lol

  4. Hi John, My Opt-in is on the home page top left. It’s the standard John Thornhill “Why You’ll Never Succeed Online” opt-in box that every other Masterclass student has. I must admit it is a bit old now and I guess I should have something different from the masses. I’m working on it (slowly).

    Hey Bill, I rarely pay big money to go to a stadium and what something happening 150m away and try to drink warm beer out of a plastic cup after queuing for an hour and missing the action. Why should I when I can watch the action close up at home, get a cold beer when I want and listen to the excellent commentary by Tony Greg and his mindless cohorts? 🙂


  5. Hi Don,

    Inspired to comment by the thrilling one dayer, India vs England. I only managed to watch the highlights but knew the score from the sports news. Even though I knew it ended in a final ball draw, I still managed to chew off all my finger nails watching it! What a cracking advert for the one day game.

    Can’t pretend to be a huge cricket fan but I am a sports fan big style and will always follow the national team whatever sport. I’m a footie man myself and coach at youth level which appears to require the same level of comittment and dedication as umpiring does.

    Do you get paid to umpire? One of my main gripes about the lack of youth players breaking througgh into the pro football game in England is the fact that qualified referees (even at my lowly level) are paid expenses for each game they ref. They turn up, ref, file the reports and go home. A coach, who is not paid, ever, is the mentor, guardian, organiser, administrator, babysitter(!), qualified person, CRB bloke, first aider etc etc of at least 13 under 12s every Saturday! Is it any wonder that our standard of coaching and therefore our standard of youths coming through the system is not as the big wigs would like it?!

    Sorry mate, got on a bit of a high horse there!!

    Take care Don.

    John Chadwick
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  6. Hi John,

    Thanks for your comments. Yes, Umpires do get paid, but it hardly covers expenses. I always thought that coaches did it for the love of the game (he says, stirring the pot). In Australia we have four forms of “footie”, most of which are hand-ball.

    o We have “real” football, that we call soccer.
    o Aussie Rules, commonly called aerial ping-pong.
    o Rugby League, where the goal is to smash your opponents face in.
    o Rugby Union, where the goal is to shove your head up your team mates arse.

    Oh, sorry about your loss to Ireland in the Cricket World Cup (more stirring of the pot). 🙂


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