Why Didn’t I Finish My Posts On Cricket?

Why didn’t I finish my posts on the Cricket Season just finished? 

I’m glad you asked.

I had tried to use my blog as a teaching aid for those who aspired for further promotion toward the elite level of Cricket Umpiring in Australia.  However, towards the end of the season I began to see traits from some of the Umpires that are not acceptable within the Umpiring ranks. What were those traits?

1.  Ego.  Some Umpires have a high opinion of themselves (and don’t we all?).  But some expressed an ego so large that it was out of proportion to what they have achieved.  One in particular has an ego that far exceeds the game of Cricket itself, and this has been a great disappointment to me personally.

2.  Some Umpires have been complaining that they never get feedback on their performances.  Well, this season we have had one of our retired Umpires watch other Umpires during matches.  When he has provided feedback, he has been vilified and those same Umpires have vehemently denied doing what has been observed from the sidelines.  Is there any wonder why our mentor will not be doing it next season?

3.  The subtle undermining of other Umpires by some who like to relate stories of their partner’s perceived mistakes, and in some cases, stories that simple were not true.  They never seem to have a good word for their fellow Umpires but praise themselves relentlessly.

4.  The lack of commitment from a number of Umpires has let the team down.  I know it is difficult to commit to every Saturday and some Sundays for 6 months, but many do.  A minority of Umpires think that they can pick and choose what games they will officiate.  This causes a great deal of running around and numerous telephone calls to fill vacancies at the last minute.

In all honesty, there are some Umpires who have officiated in every match that was available and I truly appreciate their commitment.  There are also some who had every right not to make themselves available but nevertheless did so.  To these Umpires I extend my deepest gratitude.  These are the people who will provide the next generation of dedicated Cricket Umpires.

Now, back to the original topic:  Why didn’t I finish my posts on Cricket?  Well I guess I felt let down by some but I was totally mortified by the behavior of a minority who chose to take a belligerent attitude and refuse to accept any feedback that they didn’t want to hear.  These same people claim they are setting the path for the future.  Heaven help us if this means claiming other people’s ideas and leading the majority down the wrong path.


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  1. Sorry to hear about some of the umpires bad attitudes Don. I thought Cricket and Rugby were sports taking the moral high ground.

    In the UK it’s disgusting the way football referees are vilified for their decisions. The authorities are trying to introduce a “Respect” campaign, but I fear it will take a generation to work it’s way through the whole game.

    Leamington Spa, England
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  2. Isn’t it always the minority who spoil it for the rest, Don.

    Enjoy the journey.

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  3. Thanks Guys,

    It seems that in every job I have ever had and in every sport I have taken up, there is always at least one person who spoils it for the rest. I have been unable to get away from these cretins all my life and I am now at a point where I have to make a stand.

    Stay tuned, the fight is not over yet.


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