Whoops – What Have I Done?

Warning – Non-PC comments to follow:

Up until now, Google Adsense has been pretty accurate in targeting ads to what I have been blogging, that is, Cricket and Dentists (last appointment tomorrow!!!).

But I post one blog about the environment and frogs, and Adsense now places ads for “male singles”. What have I done? It reminds me of a quote from the movie “The Adventures of Barry McKenzie” – “If it was raining virgins I’d get washed down the gutter with a poofter”.

Now I expect I’ll get more unwanted Adsense ads. Or maybe I could make a fortune?


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  1. Hi Don

    I liked the comment from the movie Barry Mckenzie which I vaguely remember the title of, what was it about Don?

    As for Google Adsense I have never used them because they get a bad press for deleting accounts for no particular reason. People who have clocked up a hundred dollars or more don’t ever see their earnings for this reason.


  2. Hi Bill,

    Barry McKenzie started off as an irreverent University comic strip. The Adventures of Barry McKenzie was about an Ozzy boy who went to England, drank copious amounts of Fosters Lager, spewed on people, didn’t quite get to home base with a local girl and saved a TV station from fire by getting all his mates to drink copious amounts of Fosters Lager and piss on the fire. That is, the standard idea of the Australian male by the English Press.

    This, of course, is not true as I don’t drink Fosters Larger.


  3. I remember the Barry McKenzie strip Don, although I can’t recall which magazine it was in.

    We have similar characters entertaining us here in England, they are mainly Geordies (from Newcastle Upon Tyne) and are in ‘Viz’ magazine. My favourite is ‘Sid the Sexist’, like Barry he never gets to home base, in fact rumour has it that he’s NEVER got to home base. 🙄


  4. We have a fellow over here called “Kevin Bloody Wilson”, who was previously banned, but is now accepted for Adults-Only shows. He is currently performing on the Central Coast with his side-kick Jenny Talia. Need I say more.

  5. Hey Mister,

    Try posting a story about single male frogs to see what happens…

    Minus 25 degrees with more than a foot of snow already this year. Dagnabbit, I love Canadian winters! (not)

    Have a good one, pal.


  6. Thanks Barry,

    But if I were to mention single male frogs I’d probably get banned on Adsense (or is that Ad cents).

    As for your -25, I’ve just spent the last 6 days straight Umpiring Cricket, with today at +25 with a nice North-Easterly blowing across the bay – very pleasant. You’ve got to give away the dark side and relocate where people are supposed to live – in the land of milk and fosters.


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