What Is Going On With Telcos?

What is going on with the Telecommunications Industry in Australia?

Is it being run by a bunch of buffoons who couldn’t give a shit about the consumer? dunno

Vodafone has been caught with their entire customer database being compromised by single username/password access which has been sold off to pirates. Everybody (including me) wants to jump ship to another service provider, but what does Telstra do? Increases it’s call charges substantially and changes from 30 seconds to 60 seconds, or part thereof, charging. When it had it’s best chance to significantly increase it’s customer base, it has driven everybody away. Good marketing? I don’t think so. Or did they try to sneak these changes in while everybody was focused on Vodafone? Again, not a very good move, as everybody that I have spoken to knows what Telstra is doing and has now changed to another service provider. Not only that, but a few Telstra customers have jumped ship because of the increase cost.

Years ago, I worked for one of the government agencies that later became Telstra when they were sold off to the public. At one time I worked closely with the CEO, George Maltby, and he said to me that his only regret was that he wanted the company to be “market drive” but it ended up being “marketing driven”, and this was while we held a monopoly on international telecommunications.

Not so long ago, I worked for the public health system, and, while I have no problems with funding a Health Promotions Department (which sought to promote healthy lifestyles to avoid problems later in life), I could not understand why there was a Health Marketing Division. After all, why would a public hospital need marketing?dunno

Why am I telling you all this, as I am supposed to be marketing products to you?

Well, I will only be marketing worthwhile products. Why should I waste my time in areas that have no market? Well, that’s not entirely true, as my Cricket Umpiring may seem to have no market, but it is something that I love doing, and it may turn out to be a niche market in the future. It won’t earn me heaps of money, but it will keep me happy. And isn’t that what life is all about?


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  1. That’s the ONLY thing life is about Don.

    I bet there are ways of making money out of Cricket, It’s just that we both don’t know how? Nick Truman is setting up a business to look after the pitches,(he’s a gardener), actually I think it’s football pitches but that doesn’t matter, you see my point. Money.

    Back to MY business. Blogging.

    Here’s a new post for you Don. Could you tell me and the rest of the blogosphere how you do those great smilies? Especially the one that drinks Guinness, I must have that.

    Leamington Spa, England
    John McNally recently posted..In 60 HOURS I Will Start Making Sense Again……My Profile

  2. Hi John. Let me see what I can do with the smiley’s. I have a small collection, but really, you can find them all over the internet.


  3. Ah, worldwide problems, Don. I often think I’d like to jump ship from Vodafone but they offer the best coverage in my area. I would be compromising connection in order to only possible get a slightly better customer service.

    Enjoy the journey.

    Mandy Allen recently posted..A New Year BeginsMy Profile

  4. Hi Mandy. In Australia, Vodafone faces a class action for failing to provide services that people are paying for, and locking people into contracts who are unable to use their mobiles. My phone ‘works’ most of the time, but if you travel more than 5km outside a country town, there is no reception.


  5. Hey 🙂

    I had enough with Vodafone and its shitty reception, 3G total network failure and after going through Vodafone’s slack customer service reported it to the Telecommunications Ombudsman, who 2 days later got me out of my contract with no penalty.
    For me not receiving calls sucked more than the lack of 3G reception.
    Now to decide the lesser of the other evils….. :S

  6. Yes, that is the problem. Tel$tra undoubtedly has the best coverage, but the highest prices. I might wait to see what my Small Business course has to say, but I’m sure they will tell me to have a 2nd mobile for business purposes, that can be claimed against the business.

    Eat Lamb on Australia Day – You know it makes sense.

  7. The mark-up on mobile phone costs is ridiculous. It does seem to be a very greedy industry.

    My personal horror story was when I was using O2 for mobile internet – their charges for going over your bandwidth costs were absolutely ridiculous. If I made the mistake of downloading an album after going over, it would cost me more than that album in bandwidth costs.

    I do wonder what sort of business plan it is, though. I shall never use O2 again, as I think they are criminal.
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