Want $50 To Help Launch A New OnLine Payment System?

I’ve just been over the new PayBox.me website.  This is a new internet payment system to rival PayPal and others.  It is in the pre-launch stage and is asking for feedback.  In order to attract feedback and survey responses, they are offering $50 for anybody to sign up to their website.  If you are interested in earning money for your opinions, you can check out PayBox.me here.

This is a special offer to pre-launch users, so you need to get in quick before PayBox.me launches soon.


4 Responses to “Want $50 To Help Launch A New OnLine Payment System?”

  1. Don,….Change of subject:

    Your Alexa rating has come down from 19 million to 11 million. 😆 I thought sub 10 million would be quick, but not THIS quick! 🙄

    For a blog that’s only been around for two months you’re doing great. I have added you to my blog roll, and will be keeping an eye on you. 😉 – You could be going places. 8)


  2. Woohoo!!!! Down to 11,000,000!!! And Aksimet is telling me I am getting more spam!!! What more could I wish for?

    Thanks for the encouragement John.

    Pity it hasn’t resulted in any income so far.


  3. UPDATE…..UPDATE…..UPDATE……You are now on 8,960,002 Don. Sub 10 million in only weeks! Well Done. 8)

    I have only just discovered that the Alexa rating takes an average traffic figure over the previous 3 months. Your blog has only been going for 2 months, so your rating has got more improvement to come. 😉


  4. I just installed the Alexa toolbar. Most of it seems to be crap, but I notice that I am now 7,552,273. But I still haven’t made any money out of my blog yet. Oh well, I’ve got nothing better to do, so I might as well keep going!


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