Update on the Laws of Cricket

On Tuesday evening I am giving a lecture on the changes to the Laws of Cricket for the coming season.  I hope that more than two people turn up.  Actually I am hoping that some Captains might turn up, because they should know the Laws and have no excuse when they get it wrong.  Of course, Umpires never get it wrong.  Hmm…maybe some Umpires should attend as well.

It seems to be normal that the MCC releases new laws to take affect on the 1st October, so that the Australian season can try them out before introducing them in England.  But these changes are all logical and most Umpires that know the changes are in agreement with them.  If the Captains don’t like the changes, well, we are not there to coach them, just administer the Laws as required.

It’s going to be another “good” season…


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