Time To Hide

It’s Halloween. The time when grotty little kids dressed up in silly costumes their parents have paid good money for, are allowed to roam the streets at night accepting lollies from total strangers. So it’s time to lock the front door, turn off the lights and hide in the back room, just in case the little buggers try to talk me out of my lollies.

As you may have gathered by now, I also like to add a little music to today’s topic. It was hard to decide between Halloween or Time To Hide, so, why not have both?

So, for all the kiddies out there, here is my idea of Halloween:

And now for the oldies who can remember Wings and Denny Laine, here is Time To Hide:


2 Responses to “Time To Hide”

  1. Brother,

    You have something good connected to your ears. That is what my hearing tells me.

    And that Halloween song – frighteningly fine, pal!

    Your uniqueness is fabulously refreshing, my friend.


  2. Don, Visiting your blog is the only time I switch the mute button off my audio. 8)

    The first song was very good, a touch of Loudon Wainwright III about it?

    I’m a Beatles fan, but you’ve revealed something new to me. I have all the early McCartney and Wings album’s but haven’t heard ‘Time to Hide’ before. I noticed the logo on Denny Laine’s T-Shirt, so I’m guessing it’s from the triple live album (that I Haven’t got) ‘Wings Across America’?

    Just watched a really good documentary last night on how ‘Band on the Run’ was recorded in Lagos, Africa.

    Keep the music playing Don. 😉


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