The Environment

There is one good thing about the amount of rain we have been having here on the Central Coast of New South Wales in Australia this year.  The frogs are back!!!

When I was a kid, the constant croaking made you feel safe.  When they stopped, something was out there.  I always went to sleep with the cacophony of frogs.  It was like music.

Over the years, pollution and population has meant that frogs have died out.  But now, I sit here listening to that good old cacophony of frogs.  The frogs are back, and I for one, am very happy with that.

So, it’s time for a song, and who better to sing it than Kermit…


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  1. Hi Don,

    I’ve seen you on the MC forum and thought i’d pop over and say Hi.

    Its good to see that some things are returning to normal. Maybe we should throw some of the politicians out in the rain and see if it’ll return them to their former glory 😉

    The video was a nice touch that raised a smile Don.

    Best of luck with everything Don,
    I’ll be back soon,

  2. Thanks Barry,

    I’ve read quite a few of your posts on the MC forum. It’s good to get around, but there are so many, it’s hard to catch up with everybody. However, it’s a great place to seek help and provide what assistance I can. I usually pop in most days, while you are all asleep.

    As for politicians having “former glory”, we only have one; Peter Garret, lead singer of Midnight Oil, is now a politician and is wasting his time. Get back to singing Peter, you are hopeless.


  3. Good choice of music as usual Don. I remember Kermit singing this on the Muppet Show. Call me an old softy, but I found it quite moving.

    Paul McCartney often has “The Frog Song” thrown at him, as an example of his fall since the Beatles, BUT I quite like it. Have a look at this and see what you think?

    McCartney bought all the rights to Rupert the Bear, which is how he ended up writing “We all Stand Together” for the cartoon.


  4. Thanks John,

    I have the song on CD, but didn’t know where it came from. Now that I see the video, it all makes sense. A great song for the little ones and us old’uns who don’t mind a cuddle from the kids.


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