Happy New Year v1.0

Well, if you’ve seen one explosion over Sydney Harbour, youv’e seen them all.

What can I say? $160,000 up in smoke whilst the rest of the state is under water.

But I must admit the size of the Christmas Beetles attacking my back door are something special.

Well, it’s 1/1/11 and it’s time to throw out the baby AND the bathwater, wipe the slate clean, polish the boots and warm up the brass monkeys. After a little sleep, we start a new year and get stuck right into the task at hand.

Yeah, right…zzz


3 Responses to “Happy New Year v1.0”

  1. Well Then Don…A Very Happy New Year To You Sir…
    You got there before us, here in the UK……
    Maybe we`ll cross paths next year…ha ha
    Raise a glass to a fruitful future…
    Best Wishes…..MIKE

  2. Hi Don, a very happy new year to you. We have a while yet before that ominous striking and our clean slate begins….

    Enjoy the journey.

    Mandy Allen recently posted..Are events in your life a catalyst for changeMy Profile

  3. Thanks Guys,

    And have a happy new year. It’s only the Americas which haven’t got to 2011 yet.


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