The Bi-Polar Blues

After a weekend where I came away feeling that I had a good time, today I am really down.  Then to top it off, I get rejected for a course I really wanted.  The pills aren’t working today.  Rest assured I’m not contemplating suicide (the pill do work in that regard), but the mood I’m in always brings me back to an old favourite song that John Lennon wrote when he had similar mood problems.


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  1. Don, I’m Sorry to hear you’re feeling down, I hope the pills get you onto an even balance soon. I went through a bad period in my life and found Harrison’s ‘All Things Must Pass’ really helpful. The words put things into perspective and the music was really relaxing.

    This may be no consolation but your choice of music always picks me up. 😉 Great to have a Beatles fan like you selecting your favorite Lennon tracks, I never know what your going to choose next 8)

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  2. No Worries John, I now have something better than pills – A 1 Litre bottle of Jim Beam and a supply of Pepsi Max. It may not solve my problems, but after a few Jimmies, who gives a stuff?

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