The Ashes – First Shots In A Great Series

I was just having some “quiet time” at my local with a neighbour of mine, who happens to be of New Zealand origin. We were watching Cricket on the big screen (yes I know, when I am not umpiring, I watch cricket – I should get a life). During the luncheon interval, they replayed an old one-day game between Australia and England, when my neighbour shouted out “That’s a great scene!”. I said “what?” and he replied “That’s a great scene – watching an Englishman walking back to the pavilion.” This was repeated a number of times until the luncheon interval was over and it was back to the live match (India v NZ by the way). Cricket between Australia and New Zealand is always very intense, but when it is against the “old enemy”, there seems to be little difference between Oz and NZ.

So, now that the “Englishmen” are here, let’s make sure they know that NZ is backing the Australians. Well, at least most of NZ, who are over here anyway. I’ll refrain from the sheep jokes because my neighbour gets excited when I tell them.


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