Summer Has Arrived

Well, it’s New Years Day here in the land of Oz and for once it’s not raining. In fact it reached 36°C here today (not quite the old 100°F but pretty close).  It’s about 7:30pm and the temperature has now dropped to a pleasant 27°C.  The cicadas are deafening.

What a land of contrasts we have.  A great deal of Queensland is under 7 to 10 metres of water, South Australia is having bushfire alerts, southern NSW is mopping up after floods, northern NSW is flooded, and the majority of Newcastle-Sydney-Wollongong are spending a leisurely day at the beach.  Tasmania had snow recently, Victoria is still there despite bushfires and floods (bugger), Western Australia wants to secede from Australia and the Northern Territory doesn’t care, so long as they don’t cut off the supply of beer.  We have three hung parliaments and those that are not hung are hanging themselves out to be annihilated at the next election.

How soon can the Queen request her Governors General (state and federal) to sack the parliaments (all parties) and appoint administrators?


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  1. You’ve certainly got a land of contrasts Don, I’ve just been reading about the floods in Queensland, they cover a massive area.

    I didn’t realise you have a devolved constitution, do you have a different parliament for each territory? We have only recently done that in the UK, with sub-parliaments in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

    I still think it was a mistake not having Rolf Harris as your Prime Minister, and ‘Tie me Kangaroo Down Sport’ as your National Anthem (I believe it was beaten into third place by Waltzing Matilda in your referendum).

    Leamington Spa, England
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  2. Hi Don…
    Christmas & New Year in summer seems such an odd concept to me here in the UK…”I`m Dreaming White Hot Christmas” doesn`t ring any bells when your defosting the pipes….At leased the beer is chilled, we celebrate to warm up…In Oz you obviously just celebrate your diversity….
    All the Best…Mike
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  3. Hi John,

    Australia started out as independent states constituted under your monarchy. It wasn’t until 1901 that Australia really came into being with federation. Now we have 3 levels of government, local council, state and federal, and they all want their own taxes. Everything is duplicated between states and federal governments and again between state and local councils. It is a joke, but it costs a lot to run. We should amalgamate the councils into larger shires, do away with states and just have a federal government, but those in power won’t give up their power for the good of Australia.

    As for the floods, river peaks are still rising and the floods haven’t hit the towns downstream yet! There is so much water that those places that are already flooded will still be under water for the next 14 days.

    Today it is 19°C and overcast. We had thunderstorms yesterday, which is normal.

    And Mike, I usually sing “I’m Dreaming of a Wet Christmas…”. Still you can’t get sunburnt sitting at the bar.


  4. Don,

    I have to agree with John, you live in an unbelievably diverse land! In fact I had to pull up Wikipedia to find out what cicadas are. (I’m sorry … am I showing off my ignorance!? 😕 )

    Wikipedia is a wonderful thing! Did you know it is only the male cicada that have noisemakers called “tymbals”, and they are capable of reaching 120 dB. Plus, as you pointed out in your post, it states they like hot weather. I know Don … information you neither needed … nor wanted … I’m usaully pretty good at that!!

    But learning they are much locus, I can relate!

    During my career as a truck driver, I once delivered a load to a place infested with locus at the moment. Aside from the constant racket they made, there was the occasional, crunch, crunch, crunch under foot as I walked back and forth to the receiving door.

    I do hope I get to visit the land down under some day! I’d love to see an Austrian dingo!
    Ryan Ziems recently posted..A Wonderful Christmas Gift!!My Profile

  5. Hi Don, sounds like the end of the world where you live. Here in New York City, USA it’s quite uncommon to have all those happenings. Everyplace has its ups and downs, though.

    Here its winter and it stinks. Some people like it but when you are in a big city, snow can really get in the way. Driving can be very dangerous.

    I had to peel my hands off the steering wheel when I got home from diving in the snow. We just had a record breaking Blizzard. I wish it were summer. Have a Happy and prosperous New Year. All the best to you. Catch you later.

    Terry Conti
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  6. Hi Ryan and Terry,

    I guess we must bear our own crosses, I sweat and you freeze.

    And Ryan, you won’t find any Austrian dingo’s. Austria is in Europe. But you will find Australian dingo’s. Pure bread dingo’s are rare, but are a very attractive looking dog (you need a license to own one). And for your information, wild dingo’s don’t bark, only domesticated dogs bark. Interesting?

    I will get around to all of your blogs eventually, after I shake off this general malaise from the holiday season.


  7. Hi Don, happy new year to you! Sounds like you need it! Best wishes for 2011.

    Enjoy the journey.

    Mandy Allen recently posted..A New Year BeginsMy Profile

  8. Hi Don ….Sincere apologies for my previous comment, in my intoxicated state, it was not my intention to make a joke at your expense…Until I had seen the news I did not realize the severity of the situation you`ve had, and still have to contend with down under…..
    I truly wish you and your family a Happy & Prosperous 2011

    All the Best for the Future….
    Yours Hopefully Still a Blogging Buddy….Mike
    mike recently posted..Irelands Birthday SkiesMy Profile

  9. No worries Mike, I didn’t take any offense. Gympie, a town in Queensland is expecting a peak in the river of 20 metres! But that’s not all, it is raining heavily and they are expecting 200 mm (about 8 inches) in the next 48 hours. All this after the longest drought in history. It never rains, it pours. After all this, it will still take a couple of months for the water to flow through NSW and then South Australia and finally out to sea.


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