Slacking Off

It seems that I have been slacking off on my blog, although I have been working hard on my business. To give you a bit of entertainment whilst I reorganize my priorities, here is an audio track from a recent International Cricket match from one of Australia’s favourite sons, Kerry “Skull” O’Keefe.



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  1. Hi Don, How’s it going? All good I hope. How were your festivities on Australia day?

    Funny Joke there Don. You’ve been slacking off, really? It’s not like you haven’t been posting.

    At least you’re posting. It’s not like you haven’t done anything. Doing something is better than nothing.

    Wishing all the best with your business. Catch you later Don.

    Terry Conti
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  2. Excellent Don, something that isn’t cricket and made me laugh. 😆 More of the same please. I like clean jokes, and I will listen to this again and make a few notes to repeat it.

    Good luck with your business Don. Is that ‘offline’ in the real world, that mythical place that has solid objects and folding money?

    Leamington Spa, England

    PS Your Alexa rating is coming down nicely 480,000 now, I remember you when it was 11 million. 😉

  3. Hi Terry and John,

    Glad you liked the joke, very clever isn’t it.

    Australia Day festivities went as planned: grog – lamb – grog.

    I’m currently doing a course in Small Business Management to enable me to get through the mass of red tape needed to run a business in the land of Oz.

    The business is in the ‘online’ world with some solid objects and some ‘eDelivery’ with, hopefully, some EFT which can miraculously turn into folding money at the ATM.

    As for my Alexa ranking, it’s going down faster than a beer on Friday night! I’m happy with my progress and hope it continues.

    Thanks for the comments guys.

    From the Office of the Professor Emeritus

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