Premiers Challenge

I’ve just got home after officiating in the inaugural Central Coast vs Newcastle Premiers Challenge.  This is a match between the winners of last season’s Central Coast Cricket Association competition and the Newcastle District Cricket Association competition.  The teams were Wyong for CCCA and Cardiff-Boolaroo for NDCA.  Unfortunately for the Wyong boys, Cardiff-Boolaroo were too strong on the day.

As for me, it was a good day – warm but not hot, no contentious issues, both teams were in good spirits, great partner to umpire with, excellent pitch, good facilities and my new shoes felt very comfortable.  If only it could be like that throughout the season.

What an enjoyable day.  That’s what it is all about.  If I didn’t enjoy umpiring I wouldn’t do it, and when you have a day where everybody enjoys themselves, it all seems worthwhile.  It is the best seat in the house, only you don’t get to sit down.


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