PayBox Now Launches A New Online Shop

PayBox has now launched a new online shop called, naturally, PayBox Shop. It is essentially an eBay clone and is it’s standard payment method, similar to PayPal is to eBay. The one thing that may set PayBox apart from eBay is that PayBox will allow electronic distribution of information (as far as I can see), where eBay insists on physical distribution via CD/DVD. It is in Beta testing at the moment, but there are some real items for sale. Anything with “TEST” in it is not real, but if you browse around you may find a bargain. I would be careful of the offers of hundreds of PayBox dollars in exchange for real PayPal dollars, as there is no guarantee that PayBox will ever be a success. I guess it’s like any investment, there is some element of risk, but if you are aware of the risks and those willing to exploit them, then you should be okay.


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