My Last Post Was Incomplete

After waking up from the self-induced coma I was in, I realised that my last post was incomplete.  I made reference to “thunder and lightening”, which should have been “thunder bolts and lightning” (I couldn’t spell either).  Of course I was referring to Queen and their Bohemian Rhapsody:

Oh well, Freddie got it in the end (probably many times).


It’s Cricket Tomorrow

I’m sitting here in my room.  I’ve been out and inspected a local pitch for tomorrow’s game.  The thunder and lightening is very very frightening (or so the song goes).  The rain is intense, so what am I to do?  I’ll leave it up to the Umpires to decide tomorrow.  But today I am reminded of a great song by a great band:



Whoops, a little bit wide, but I hope you enjoy the song and ignore the presentation.

Ah, fixed it now.



Daylight Savings Time

Yeah! it’s the start of Daylight Savings Time!

It’s that time of the year when one can sit in the freezing cold and look out the window at the rain for an extra hour. 

For my overseas readers’ information, it is a long weekend here in the land of Oz.  We celebrate May Day on the 1st Monday in October.   Although we call it Labour Day, it has nothing to do with Mother’s Day.  (In Western Australia it’s called the Queen’s Birthday Holiday – they’re a different lot over there.)  Aussies like a long weekend, hence the 1st Monday in October and not the 1st of October (like the 1st of May in the northern hemisphere).

I think I can remember one year when it didn’t rain on this weekend, but I couldn’t tell you when it was, it was so long ago.  It’s also school holidays, so there is mayhem on the roads, excessively high petrol prices, and little brats running around breaking all the branches off the shrubs in the garden.

When the sun finally comes out and it gets a little warmer, I’ll have to clean up the back balcony – it’s covered in pine needles and pollen from the trees being bombarded by the gale-force winds.  Then I’ll have to clean the BBQ, get rid of the cockroaches, rats, birds nests and whatever else lurks under the covers.  At the moment, there is nothing much to do here, except blogging and checking out other blogs.

Oh, and maybe catch up on some sleep. 



No, not Countdown with Ian “Molly” Meldrum, I’m talking about the fact that I only have 2 hours until the end of September and I haven’t posted this month yet.  I have been racking my brains out all week, trying to think of something to blog about, and I have come up with nothing (which isn’t surprising considering the condition of my brain).  So I might as well tell you what I have done today.

Today, I went to the Chemist to get the next month’s worth of drugs to keep me alive.  Then I went shopping to get some food to keep me alive.  While getting the groceries out of the car, I had a phone call from a good friend, drinking partner and my boss as far as Cricket Umpiring is concerned.  He wished me well for the season, which starts tomorrow and gave me encouragement, which is always welcome at the beginning of the season.

After putting away the groceries I got my Cricket Kit out and checked that I had all the necessary accessories; Panadol, elastic plaster, safety pins, sun cream, umbrella, spare bails, bowlers markers, counter, etc.  I cleaned my shoes, checked my hat (that I shoved in the washing machine last week and promptly forgot – yeah, not too bad).

So, am I ready for the new season?  I hope so.

I’m not going to comment on Cricket this season as I had too much flak from those who took exception to last season’s commentsRant, so you can stick it Up Yours

Oh dear, only one hour left in which to post this in September.

I notice that my blog has been going for just over one year now. I have attracted some hard-core bloggers, but nobody that wants to part with their money (unsurprisingly), and thanks to those who have clicked on my advertisements and earned me a grand total of 1 cent each and every month. I’m not complaining and don’t take it the wrong way. I didn’t expect my blog to earn anything, but I was hopeful that my linked sites may have earned something in the last 12 months. Times are tough, nobody is spending in the current economic climate, which is evident by the number of emails from Internet Marketers that last year were telling me not to bombard users with too many emails.WTF

Somehow, Countdown with Ian “Molly” Meldrum seems to send me back to a much simpler time.


My Alexa Ranking Is Going Backwards

For a while, my Alexa ranking was dropping at a great rate, which is good. But over the last few months it has grown considerably. I know I haven’t posted as regularly as I should, but as many of my friends would know, when the black dog strikes, there is not much you can do. So when I look back and see a good Alexa ranking and then see what I have now, I look forward to it going down again. This reminded me of a great song, sung by a great Australian:

And for those of you that have not heard of Slim Dusty, you may have heard of his most famous song:

I hope you enjoy these songs.

To the memory of the great Slim Dusty.