Beer Appreciation 101

For many years my boys have tried to tell me that my normal brew, Tooheys New, is .  This Christmas I was given a stack of various beers to try and comment on, so here are my findings.


White Rabbit – Dark Ale – Open fermented – Australian Beer.
Malty taste but very smooth. Pleasant taste remains on the palate. Would be a good beer to have just before meals.

My Rating: I like it 


Angry Man – Pale Ale – NZ Hops – Australian Beer.
Very strong taste (as the label suggests) with a long bitter aftertaste from the hops. Finished in the bottle, so it must be poured into a glass as the bottom contains dead yeast.

My Rating: A bit too strong on the palate for my liking. 


Monteith’s Golden Larger – NZ Beer.
Quite a smooth larger with a burnt malt flavour. Aftertaste has a hint of hops but is not bitter. Quite drinkable once you get used to the taste, which is different to the mainstream Australian largers.

My Rating: Not bad. 


Hoegaarden – Belgian Wheat Beer.
Naturally fermented, which means it’s rather cloudy and needs to be poured into a glass. Tastes like home brew with a distinct aftertaste of honey.

My Rating: Not one of my favourite beers.


Atomic Pale Ale – American style Australian Beer.
A moderately strong flavour with a bitter hops aftertaste. If this is American style beer, then heaven help the US.

My Rating: Not on your nelly.


Oranjeboom – Dutch Beer.
A typical Dutch beer, in the Heineken style, but with a lighter taste and a similar aftertaste to Crown Larger.

My Rating: Probably the best beer of the international selections. 


Crown Larger – Premium Australian Beer.



There is more to come as I delve into the next set of unhearof beers .  Stay tuned for the second installment of Beer Appreciation, once my liver recovers from the first installment.  And in the meantime, please click on all the ads, I need the money.




Sam Kekovich is at it again

It’s nearly Australia Day, January 26, when we celebrate taking over the land from its traditional owners and establishing the White Australia policy.  Of course all that’s in the past.  Now we accept anybody so long as you come by boat from Indonesia.  If you come by plane, you need a passport and a visa.  But what would Australia Day be without Sam Kekovich stirring up national pride in our lamb industry?

Don’t worry if you don’t understand it, but I think you will get the main idea. And what would a campaign be without a catchy tune to go with it?



Australian Batsmen Dine on Indian Curry at SCG

I’ve just spent a non-productive day watching the cricket bewteen India and Australia, and I have been impressed. Micheal Clark on 251 not out, Michael Hussey on 55 not out and Ricky Ponting (the only wicket to fall today) on 134.  The crowd at the SCG were very knowledgeble, chearing when each Indian bowler made their 100 runs against Australia.  Let’s hope that Michael Clark can get 300, which will be the highest score at the SCG (currently 287 – held by some pommy bastard in 1903), and Hussey proves the newspapers wrong.  I hate cricket selection by media, and if the papers had their way, the three top scorers wouldn’t be playing today – what do they know?  I could go on, but what do I need to say?  India: 10 for 191, Aust: 4 for 482.  That says it all.


Yet Another WordPress Update

This one has three parts; WordPress itself plus updates to the standard themes “Twenty Ten” and “Twenty Eleven”. I’ll be testing this one out on my test PC that runs a copy of what I have online before upgrading here. It’s not that I don’t trust the developers (which I don’t), but I have too many other attachments that may get broken by the new software.

It seems that updates are coming thicker and faster than ever before. The more applications you have, the more updating you have to do. I have just spent the last few days upgrading eleven applications on my PCs, not including Windows updates. I was quite happy with the previous versions, but when you have maintenance contracts, you are obliged to upgrade when a new version comes out. This at least negates the standard helpdesk conversation, which goes something like this:

Me: Hello? My program has a problem.
Them: What version are you running?
Me: Version 8.6.10236
Them: Upgrade to version 8.7.19863, that will solve your problem. Have a nice day. ‘Click’

Most of the updates install easily, but there is always the exception. Naturally, I run a backup before I upgrade, but when your backup software upgrade fails, it’s time to reach for the anti-panic pills! I run the best (according to me) backup software available, but it has the most disgraceful licensing system I can imagine. Since purchasing this software in 2009, I have had to upgrade twice, and both times my license has been screwed up such that I cannot use the software after the upgrade. I have had to go “cap in hand” to the vendor and plead my case to have my license restored. Luckily I have proof of purchase, but I am allowed an undisclosed number of resets before I am required to purchase the software again. After the last episode, I was sent an email asking for my feedback on my helpdesk experience. Heh, heh. Me? Opinion? I told them that my helpdesk experience was excellent, but that if they fixed there licensing system, I wouldn’t need their helpdesk, or words to that effect.

Everything is back to normal now, until the next upgrade comes along.

I’m looking to wind down for Christmas/Birthday/New Year, so let’s hope I have no more updates this year.


Is It Alright?

I have had a bottle of wine sitting in my fridge for some time now and I was thinking that it must be too old and should be thrown out. So I gingerly took off the top and pored it into a glass.

Yeah, not too bad…second glass…really good. It reminded me of two of the great songs of my youth that cellebrated wine…

Caution: Some of the images in the following videos may offend some people:

The Fireballs – Bottle of Wine (1968) by Tushratta