On the Job Front

Well, I am officially still looking for a job. It’s been 15 months since I was made redundant and there is nothing that I can find that I could do nor is any employer prepared to employ me. It feels as if the only person who is prepared to employ me is me, hence my enrolling in John Thornhill’s Marketing Masterclass. Things are going along okay, if a little slow, but I’m sure it will pick up just when I start to get out of my depth. Anyway, it’s just about 4:00pm on a Friday afternoon – and that means


My Favourite Place to go on the Web

I couldn’t start this category without making a reference to my favourite place to hang out on the web. Swiftel-Users has a great deal of history about it. It first started as a user forum on Swiftel, a company that pioneered cheap broadband in Australia. A tight little community of enthusiasts formed but was not appreciated by Swiftel as we wanted better service. As with all startup companies at that time, they were bought out by bigger companies, and Swiftel become People Telecom. John Linton, the guru of Swiftel set up another company called Exetel and is doing quite well, thank you.

People Telecom was bad business and changed the user agreements with former Swiftel users into unacceptable contracts. The forum became unwelcome. Most of us jumped ship to other ISP’s, but a few users set up Swiftel-Users so that the community could continue. People Telecom was subsequently absorbed by another unknown entity. Nobody lamented its passing.

To this day, Swiftel-Users is still running with the core of the original close-knit community. It may no longer perform its original task of providing technical help to broadband users, and it may be a little irreverent at times, but it is where I go when I want to relax and have fun with my internet friends.


Changes to the Laws of Cricket update

Well, the mini training session went as I expected. The Captains that were there looked blank, as they don’t know the Laws anyway, so how would they understand the changes. Anyway, the two contentious issues seem to be Practice on the Field and the fact that Umpires will no longer offer the light to the batsmen. The usual comments of holding the Umpires responsible for injuries on the field kept coming up, but I’ve heard them all before.

There were quite a few Umpires at the meeting, which was good to see.

Now, onto the next task. A full training session for new umpires this weekend, with an exam at the end. This will be over next weekend. A full day on Saturday and Sunday. I’m tired just thinking about it now. Oh, it’s midnight here, no wonder I’m tired. Time to hit the sack. See you tomorrow.


Update on the Laws of Cricket

On Tuesday evening I am giving a lecture on the changes to the Laws of Cricket for the coming season.  I hope that more than two people turn up.  Actually I am hoping that some Captains might turn up, because they should know the Laws and have no excuse when they get it wrong.  Of course, Umpires never get it wrong.  Hmm…maybe some Umpires should attend as well.

It seems to be normal that the MCC releases new laws to take affect on the 1st October, so that the Australian season can try them out before introducing them in England.  But these changes are all logical and most Umpires that know the changes are in agreement with them.  If the Captains don’t like the changes, well, we are not there to coach them, just administer the Laws as required.

It’s going to be another “good” season…


Another Fathers Day is now over

Well, Fathers day is over for another year.  The wind stopped and the bbq was cooked by one of my boys.  Instead of socks and after-shave, I got a slab of crownies (a box of 24 bottles of Crown Lager – nectar of the gods), a bottle of Black Douglas Premium and a box of chocolates.  I don’t know if they are trying to get me drunk or fat.  I’m already one of them, so I might as well have another drink.

It’s quiet here now, after the laughter and silly smalltalk – I do miss everyone being around.  At one stage, I couldn’t wait for them to leave.  Now they’ve left, I miss them always being under my feet.  Still, that’s the nature of things and we all travel our own road.  That’s me in the picture above, traveling down the road of time.