10 Long Years

It’s been 10 years since my mother died in a nursing home and I realise I still haven’t gotten over it yet.

So this one is for you, Mum…

I miss you…



On a quiet night, whilst sipping a cleansing ale, I came across a video that I hadn’t seen in years. It may mean nothing to those who are not familiar with the Aussie lingo. Come to think of it, it may not mean anything to the younger generation either (Gen Y – oh what have we created?).

But I like it and that is what matters, on this blog anyway.

Warning: The following video contains adult themes.

If you don’t understand it, play it again. If you still don’t understand it, email me and I’ll try to explain…


It’s Almost Summer

Ah, yes.  The slow return of the sun and warmth during the day awakens the beast from his deep slumber.  It is only the beginning of spring, but It’s Almost Summer, as one of Australia’s best entertainers sang, so long ago…

RIP Billy Thorpe, and thanks for all the songs, although “Mashed Potato” may be stretching the friendship a little.


Apathy & Procrastination

Have you ever sat down at your computer, with heaps of things to do and couldn’t be bothered to do any of them? In fact, I have a stack of new software to review and I only managed to do 3 today before I gave up (only 68 more to go).

Well, that’s the way I have felt over the last few months.    You may have noticed that I haven’t posted for some time.  I missed posting in April and I am really annoyed about that.   I had hoped to post at least once a month, and this is probably going to be my only post this month.  In my case, the body is willing, but the brain is weak.

Please forgive me.  I’m working on it.  Hopefully I will be back on track in June.  Until then, Apathy & Procrastination is the order of the day.



My Daughter’s Wedding

Well, it took almost 28 years, but I finally palmed my daughter off to some hapless bloke.

No, it really didn’t happen like that.   Erin married Brendan last Saturday in a vineyard outside Tamworth and it was a very happy occasion.

It rained all morning, but stopped just in time and the sun came out to shine on the congregation. Here is a picture of the proud father and daughter walking down the aisle to the tune of Erin Shore:

And here is the happy couple with their parents:

I’m the good looking bloke on the left.

I did make a speech at the reception, and if anybody can tell me what I said, please let me know.  Everyone tells me it was good, but it was totally off-the-cuff and I may have had a scotch or three too many. At least I outlasted my son Glen, who did a great job of being Master of Ceremony – he fell asleep in the bus on the way home.

And for those that don’t know the tune Erin Shore, it’s a traditional Irish tune, played here by The Corrs: