Crash, Boom, Opera

I’m just sitting here composing my weekly blog about my cricket experiences, when suddenly, Crash, boom, water… The fellow above me in my unit has a 10,000+ gallon fish tank, or should I say, had a fish tank. Something happened, the kids are screaming, water is gushing down the stairs, (thankfully it is only down the stairs so far), and for the last 30 minutes, water is still going everywhere. The fire alarms don’t like it and are expressing themselves as best they can. What annoys me the most is that I had fish and chips yesterday – I could have had a free feed today! Oh, why does it always rain on me?


Time To Hide

It’s Halloween. The time when grotty little kids dressed up in silly costumes their parents have paid good money for, are allowed to roam the streets at night accepting lollies from total strangers. So it’s time to lock the front door, turn off the lights and hide in the back room, just in case the little buggers try to talk me out of my lollies.

As you may have gathered by now, I also like to add a little music to today’s topic. It was hard to decide between Halloween or Time To Hide, so, why not have both?

So, for all the kiddies out there, here is my idea of Halloween:

And now for the oldies who can remember Wings and Denny Laine, here is Time To Hide:


I’m Down

Just when you think things can’t get any worse, more hits the fan and you slide deeper into the abyss. So my song for the week is a good old favorite of mine:


Cricket Round 3 – Day 2

Sorry I’m a bit late with my Cricket update, but other things keep getting in the way. So, how did I go with my injured foot? Better than expected. After last week’s photo was taken, my entire foot went quite black/blue. However, one on my colleagues provided me with a compression bandage and I was able to stand for the entire innings. In fact, the next day it looked much better. The more I have used the bandage and walked, the quicker the bruising is disappearing.

Now to the match. Did I mention that the weather knows when cricket is on? Well, it did again today. At least we did not have gale force winds. The day started out fine and sunny, but by the start of the match the clouds were ominous. When lightning struck a nearby hill, we left the field in an orderly fashion (run for your lives!!). After the mandatory 30 minutes waiting period after the last lightning strike, we went out again. This time the rains came and we took an early tea. After tea, my colleague and I walked out to inspect the pitch, but it started raining again. We walked back to the pavilion and the rain stopped. So we walked out again and this time got the covers off. Over the next hour I watched a big storm coming from the south, getting closer and closer, until it was nearly upon us. It then miraculously turned away to the east and we continued play until we had a first innings result.

I don’t think all the stop/start we had helped the batting side and I was disappointed with the pitch, which did not have anywhere near the preparation it had the previous week. However, we play an outdoor sport and we all have to take what mother nature dishes out to us. The lesson for Umpires here is that we must act impartially, irrespective of the state of the game and perform our duties according to the Laws of Cricket and the Local Rules of the competition. This, I believe, we did without fear or favor.


CentreLink Knows How To Confuse

It’s been a while since I posted about my (lack of) employment status. Recently CentreLink stopped my NewStart allowance (this is a payment provided by CentreLink to assist me in looking for work). I also received a letter from CentreLink advising me to attend an interview. The conversation went something like this:

Don: Why have you stopped my payments?
CTL: We haven’t. {typing…} Oh, you haven’t submitted your re-application form in time.
Don: What form?
CTL: The form we sent you.
Don: Here are all the letters you sent me, there is no form.
CTL: But you need to re-apply for NewStart every 12 weeks.
Don: It would be nice if you told me this.
CTL: {typing……} Yes, it would have been. {more typing……} Ok, you are now fixed up for the next 12 weeks. You’ll get a letter.
Don: Thank you.

The next day I received a letter advising me that I had not submitted the Application for Payment form and that if I didn’t do so within the next 14 days, they would attempt to recover all payments to me.

The following day I received a letter advising me that I will get paid and enclosed a Reporting Statement that I should have received back in June.

This time I rang up and listened to music for 30 minutes before I got a real person who advised me to ignore the first letter as everything was okay and I will get paid until December. Not only that, but I can fill in the form on-line and save everybody a lot of time.

It’s a pity they don’t let you know this in advance.

I consider myself a normal person, certainly without dementia, but I find the process of social security to be so complicated as to be unfathomable by most people. And THAT is the damning shame of our society.