A Week of Cricket

Excuse me for not posting earlier, but I have just spent 6 days straight umpiring Cricket and I have not had any time to do anything else but umpire and sleep.

Cricket Round 5 – Day 2

Day 2 was much nicer, climate-wise, than day 1. The pitch was a batsman’s paradise and with the lower humidity, bowling was a thankless task. However, the batting side did not get out of it easily. They passed the opposition’s total with 5 wickets down, but then lost the next 5 wickets for about 30 runs. This made it impossible to go for an outright, so play was ended and I got to “Penguin Corner” for our weekly debriefing on time.

Sunday Junior Representative Match

Today I traveled to Maroubra in Sydney to umpire an U13’s DCA Representative match. Central Coast put on a reasonable total after a slow start. But Sydney South Eastern had an opener who scored 110 not out and with that sort of talent, it is difficult to restrict the scoring rate. Naturally, South Eastern won with 8 wickets to spare.

NSW PSSA Girls State Carnival

This year the Central Coast hosted the New South Wales Primary Schools Sports Association Girls Cricket State Carnival. As Umpires’ Coordinator I managed to fill every game with two Umpires (don’t ask me how – but I did). I officiated in all matches, that is 8 matches over 4 days, and I was also lucky enough to officiate in the final between the two undefeated teams.

In 16 years of umpiring, I have only had one hat trick (all bowled), but on the first day, I had one girl get bowled, bowled, dot ball, bowled, dot ball, bowled. That is pretty awesome in itself, but one girl from the opposition did get a hat trick, bowled, bowled, caught. However, the girl that was bowled for a duck on the first day went on to score 50+ in every other match. It goes to show that even the best bat in a competition can score a golden duck from time to time.

On the second day, I witnessed yet another hat trick, with a catch and two caught and bowled’s. However, that did not save that team from defeat as the home side had great batting depth and bowled out the opposition with 3 balls to spare.

Day 3 involved a competition match in the morning and a “friendly” T20 in the afternoon. The morning match was a whitewash for the winning side, but the other side had the fastest and most accurate bowler for their age I have ever seen. Unfortunately, she came up against the girl with the 50+ score card. If she keeps it up, she will definitely be in the Australian Women’s Cricket Team when she is older.

Day 4 started with a close match that went down to the wire, with the last wicket being taken on the last ball of the match. Then came the final between the two undefeated teams. The home team batted first and got off to a slow start. Four run-outs did not help their cause, but some lusty hitting in the final overs made a competitive score. The opposition also succumbed to four run-outs, but catching proved the difference and the home team won.

Lessons To Be Learned

Sometimes, the Cricket was not brilliant and there is the tendency to treat the match as “too easy”, but for every girl that played in the carnival, that was their test match and the Umpires should treat it as such. I did my best to praise players when they did something right and encourage them when things did not work out. It is really difficult to differentiate between encouragement and coaching, but at this age group, I believe that any help they can get could lead them on the path to greatness.


Whoops – What Have I Done?

Warning – Non-PC comments to follow:

Up until now, Google Adsense has been pretty accurate in targeting ads to what I have been blogging, that is, Cricket and Dentists (last appointment tomorrow!!!).

But I post one blog about the environment and frogs, and Adsense now places ads for “male singles”. What have I done? It reminds me of a quote from the movie “The Adventures of Barry McKenzie” – “If it was raining virgins I’d get washed down the gutter with a poofter”.

Now I expect I’ll get more unwanted Adsense ads. Or maybe I could make a fortune?


The Environment

There is one good thing about the amount of rain we have been having here on the Central Coast of New South Wales in Australia this year.  The frogs are back!!!

When I was a kid, the constant croaking made you feel safe.  When they stopped, something was out there.  I always went to sleep with the cacophony of frogs.  It was like music.

Over the years, pollution and population has meant that frogs have died out.  But now, I sit here listening to that good old cacophony of frogs.  The frogs are back, and I for one, am very happy with that.

So, it’s time for a song, and who better to sing it than Kermit…


Cricket Round 5 – Day 1

Well, it didn’t rain!  It was 30° and 98% humidity.  The outfield was what might be called “soft”, and the pitch was hard and flat.  With the heat and humidity, drinks were paramount.  Unfortunately, the more drinks breaks you have the slower and longer the game goes.  With all the drinks breaks, a change of innings and the usual delays due to field changes, we didn’t finish the day’s play until 6:59pm.  I was stuffed.  What was even worse was, when I got back to our “match debriefing centre” (otherwise known as “Penguin Corner” at the local), everybody else had left.  So I went home, without a debrief or a beer.  But that is probably for the best as I have a big match in Newcastle tomorrow.

So it’s good night from me and it’s good night from him.


What a Mouth

There are a number of politicians roaming around the planet at the moment, telling everybody how good they are. If they had “Half a Sixpence”, they should have listened to Tommy Steele and shut their mouths.

I wish to acknowledge the skill of the audio engineers that managed to recover the original sound and also those that introduced Mr Bean into the video to make it more relevant for today.