Happy New Year v0.9

It’s 9 o’clock and the fireworks have started. The 9pm Fireworks are to scare the shit out of the kids so that they go home to sleep before the real party starts. You know, skin-heads, fights, glassings, all the fun stuff on New Years Eve. As for me, I’m here in front of my PC to give you up-to-date events as they happen. And I’ll go as long as the Crownies last. I’ve just finished my steak sandwiches (yes, plural) and the Crown Larger looks touch and go if it makes it to midnight. I’ll keep you informed -whilst I still can type.

New Years Nerd


The Crowning Glory

Well, what more can be thrown up in my face this year year

I know!!! My new crown could fall out. Oh yes, what joy. shit

It has now been re-inserted and I am trying to regain my normal mouth movement. You beffeer beleeef it.


Happy Birthday To Me

I almost forgot…at my age you tend to forget a great deal, more in hope than anything else. Since I will be otherwise occupied () it is my birthday on Boxing Day. Therefore, I would like my favourite birthday song broadcast to the world:

Yeah, he’s still got it, so there is hope for me yet.


Merry Christmas

And what would it be without the traditional Christmas songs, Australianised of course:

And who could forget an old favourite:

Well, it’s goodnight from me until the new year, where I may have a blog face lift and a new direction. Stay tuned…


Cricket Round 8

Yet another one-day match and this time between two evenly matched teams.  All I can say is that it was one of the best games I have officiated for some time.  From the start of the game to the very last ball, it was unknown who would win.  The teams were on the same score with one ball to play, and the home team managed to score the winning run.  And it was another good day for the Umpires.  In a game such as this, the concentration steps up a cog and both of us came away from the game believing we did our best according to the Laws of Cricket.

Well, that’s it for 2010.  The next match is not until the 8th of January.  I can’t believe that half a season is already over.  Up until now, games are won or lost and nobody seems to care too much (there are exceptions).  But in the new year, all matches are significant and points won or lost become crucial to deciding the finalists.  All Umpires must be at their best from now on, to ensure that every match is won or lost by what happens on the day, not by a dodgy umpiring decision.  Fortunately, I have faith in my fellow Umpires to ensure that those teams that make the semi-finals have done so on their own merit.

Merry Christmas and may all your snicks be slogs.