On the Job Front

Well, I am officially still looking for a job. It’s been 15 months since I was made redundant and there is nothing that I can find that I could do nor is any employer prepared to employ me. It feels as if the only person who is prepared to employ me is me, hence my enrolling in John Thornhill’s Marketing Masterclass. Things are going along okay, if a little slow, but I’m sure it will pick up just when I start to get out of my depth. Anyway, it’s just about 4:00pm on a Friday afternoon – and that means


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  1. Howdy Don,

    I have been unemployed for two years now and have started a couple of small businesses over that time. Even so, I am in the worst financial position of my life…

    Probably the thing that has saved my sanity and sparked my interest in the blogging community was joining John Thornhill’s masterclass.

    I’ve met a pile of great people through him and am engaged in my new passion – pretending to be an author.

    I know you will excel at this Don and I look forward to getting to know you. Have a grand day, pal.


  2. Hi Barry,

    Yes, I’m scraping the bottom of the money barrow now. I’ve got to report to Social Security on Wednesday 20th Oct to explain why I haven’t got a job yet and what I’m going to do about it! No doubt they want to take my job search allowance off me. Then I will have to start making some online income.


  3. Don and Barry, you’re not alone, there are millions like us. Financially I have been worse off, as I was bankrupt in 1992, but I’m unemployed and all my savings have gone. (I drank it, and went to loads of concerts). 😆

    I closed my business in 2007 (divorce and recession), but have never attempted to find employment. I agree with Barry, the Masterclass gives a direction for Internet Marketing. When you’re over 50 it’s best to employ yourself, nobody else will.

    I’ve now cancelled my holidays, the car is looking dodgy when the insurance comes up for renewal, but I’m still managing to find my beer money which is a priority.

    Something will turn up Don, I don’t know what, but something always does.


  4. Well,

    No sooner said than done. Centerlink have stopped paying me my allowance – no notification, no reason, no nothing. It will be a very interesting meeting on Wednesday. I hope I can keep my utter contempt for them under control.


  5. Buddy, your temper is something that only has value if you keep it.

    And yes, I love that friggin John character, he’s right. We just need to keep supporting each other and I guarantee that something will work for us.

    Hey, how many pen pals did you have last year?

    I’ll be checking back daily to see how things go.


  6. I’m worried about you Don, so I’m going to keep checking as well. 😉

    Life is random but all the things aren’t evenly spread. Luckily all the shitty things seem to happen together, so the only place life’s random generator can go after the downers, is up to the good bits.

    Fingers crossed that will be soon.


  7. Thanks Guys,

    I’ll report back after Wednesday. But I must be careful what I say. We do have thought police in Australia and they take a dim view of criticism of government departments.


  8. Make sure you’re not dragged off to room 101. 🙄


  9. Hi Don

    I saw a comment on John’s blog that yours was worth visiting, so here I am. I must admit I have never been in your desperate position but did once have a business go down where I lost £30,000 ($20,000).

    Just remember, when you are down there’s only one way to go – UP! Loved your Friday afternoon schooner icon as I like a taste myself.

    I shall return.



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