My Favourite Place to go on the Web

I couldn’t start this category without making a reference to my favourite place to hang out on the web. Swiftel-Users has a great deal of history about it. It first started as a user forum on Swiftel, a company that pioneered cheap broadband in Australia. A tight little community of enthusiasts formed but was not appreciated by Swiftel as we wanted better service. As with all startup companies at that time, they were bought out by bigger companies, and Swiftel become People Telecom. John Linton, the guru of Swiftel set up another company called Exetel and is doing quite well, thank you.

People Telecom was bad business and changed the user agreements with former Swiftel users into unacceptable contracts. The forum became unwelcome. Most of us jumped ship to other ISP’s, but a few users set up Swiftel-Users so that the community could continue. People Telecom was subsequently absorbed by another unknown entity. Nobody lamented its passing.

To this day, Swiftel-Users is still running with the core of the original close-knit community. It may no longer perform its original task of providing technical help to broadband users, and it may be a little irreverent at times, but it is where I go when I want to relax and have fun with my internet friends.


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  1. Glad you still enjoy it Don.

    I’ll have to get back into it more. 🙂

  2. Ah, my favourite Martian. It’s been a long time since you moderated one of my posts and the first time I’ve moderated one of yours. I hope everything is going to plan – keep your head above water.

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