My Alexa Ranking Is Going Backwards

For a while, my Alexa ranking was dropping at a great rate, which is good. But over the last few months it has grown considerably. I know I haven’t posted as regularly as I should, but as many of my friends would know, when the black dog strikes, there is not much you can do. So when I look back and see a good Alexa ranking and then see what I have now, I look forward to it going down again. This reminded me of a great song, sung by a great Australian:

And for those of you that have not heard of Slim Dusty, you may have heard of his most famous song:

I hope you enjoy these songs.

To the memory of the great Slim Dusty.


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  1. Don, I have the same problem with Alexa, it’s going rapidly downhill. I haven’t the time nor the inclination to post more frequently, or visit limitless blogs in order to receive return comments.

    Good videos, I especially enjoyed the first one although Slim Dusty is new to me. Reminded me of C&W music from the states.

    Bill Murney recently posted..Broken Britain?My Profile

  2. I am also in the ‘Alexa going backwards’ club. Posting and commentating regularly will bring it down, but as Bill said there’s more to life than chasing the Alexa rating.

    I also have Bi-Polar syndrome Don and I’m currently in a black dog period, or at least a very dark dog. I can’t summon up the enthusiasm to do anything and can’t write a blog post in this negative mood….The Alexa rating will just have to wait for better times.

    I enjoyed both videos. I had of course heard the ‘Pub with No Beer’ before, but I didn’t know who wrote it.

    Leamington Spa, England

    PS. I owe you an apology Don. You sent me a PM and I didn’t reply. The reason is I cannot access my PM’s (something to do with passwords), so I don’t actually know what you wrote, only that you sent me something. So, sorry again.
    John McNally recently posted..Contact with Aliens by 2031My Profile

  3. Hi Don

    Good videos – I never heard of Slim before, but I like him.

    Best of luck in your rankings,


  4. Hi Bill, John and Mary,

    Thanks for your responses.

    Bill, inclination would be the main problem on many blogs, including mine. 🙁

    John, I spent a great deal of time responding to your comment only to have the system spit the dummy when I hit the submit button. I only have windows of enlightenment from time to time and my response was a golden moment, but I lost the lot! Suffice to say the I am on a similar course to you, and I know EXACTLY what you are experiencing. The PM I sent you was to check if you were okay. I know you are struggling and I am doing the same, but I am not going to let the bastard win! Are you with me?

    Mary, I deduce from your website that you are a new recruit to John Thornhill’s Masterclass. It’s a great course, and you will learn a great deal from other peoples’ websites. I hope you succeed in your niche.

    Slim Dusty was one of Australia’s greatest performers. He personified what it was like living in country Australia, but was also loved by city-dwellers who liked his style of music.


  5. Don, I am taking 10mg of Olanzapine daily. I see my doctor next week when I want this reduced to 5mg, or even better stopped entirely. I managed over 30 years without any medication apart from a regular intake of beer. If I can manage another 30 years I will be happy. I hope you are keeping well Don, maybe we can both get through this together.

    Leamington Spa, England
    John McNally recently posted..Contact with Aliens by 2031My Profile

  6. John, I’m on Efexor-XR. I started on 75mg but am now on 150mg. It takes away the negative thoughts and makes you calm instead of flying off the handle. It must work, I haven’t killed anybody recently. I want to get off it, but something always seems to crop up that keeps me on it. Efexor also has some really bad side effects when trying to get off it – if you miss a dose, you will certainly know it – you can’t go cold turkey. I know of others that are on much higher doses than me, and the common thread is “get me out of here”.

    We can get through this. I know you paint, so you could use this to put your demons on canvas and exorcise them from your body. Unfortunately, I have no artistic talent, and therefore have no other outlet other than beer. But I certainly don’t want to live the rest of my life like this, so things just have to improve.


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