More of Sam 2012

I missed this video first time around.  You may have to listen to it a few times to pick up the humour.

I’ve got the lamb butterfly ready for Australia Day. All I need is all those barbie girls to turn up.


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  1. I haven’t heard of Sam but I like his sense of humour. Good luck with the barbie girls!


  2. Hi Bill,

    Sam Kekovich was an AFL player, turned commentator, but his deadpan humour and breathless commentary soon propelled him into comedy spots on many variety and sports shows. He has been the ambassador for Australian Lamb for many years, and the “Eat Lamb on Australia Day” campaign has been a favourite of mine (and many Ozzies) for some time.

    We even have a major grocery chain now offering a $10 discount coupon to buy a leg of lamb for Australia Day in this weekend’s newspapers. But it is hard to put a leg of lamb on the barbie, so I’ll go for the butterfly lamb and maybe a few chops.

    As for the barbie girls, sadly I think I will not have much luck.

    You know it makes sense.
    I’m Don Maisey

  3. Well, Australia Day is over, the lamb has been consumed along with the beer, and everybody is taking a sickie to make it a long weekend.

    PS. No barbie girls turned up either.


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