Life, The Universe and Everyting

We all know that the meaning of life is 42, according to Douglas Adams and the computer Deep Thought. Isaac Asimov had a different but not dissimilar view. None of these views have been taken seriously, so it is time that I lay some serious thought on the universal table. Let’s start with what science wants to tell us:

The latest “theory” of life, the universe and everything is String Theory. This suggests that there are anywhere from 11 to 26 dimensions. They then dismiss all but the 3 we live in to be insignificantly small. Therefore, we can’t see them.

Scientists can’t explain gravity and the “mass” of the universe, so they come up with Dark Matter. You can’t see it, but it must be there.

The universe is expanding at an increasing rate. Scientists can’t explain it, so they come up with Dark Energy. You can’t see it, but it must be there.

Quantum Mechanics speculates that a particle can exist in any part of space at any time and altering one particle can have the same effect on another particle anywhere in space at the same time, even millions of light years away. To a limited extent, this has been proven to be true in experiments.

Now for the Don Maisey Theory of Life, The Universe and Everything:

Let’s go back the the first problem – multiple dimensions. Suppose that some of these dimensions are not small, and that our 3 dimensions are wrapped inside some of these other dimensions. To understand this, draw a man on a piece of paper. This is a 2-dimensional man, he has no knowledge of 3 dimensions, but to us, the 3rd dimension wraps entirely around him. Therefore, there may be other dimensions that our 3-d world cannot detect. If you wrap the piece of paper to join it at the back, our 2-d man could theoretically walk in one direction around the surface of the paper and end up in the same place he started from. This is also true of our 3-d universe, according to mathematics and theory.

Now suppose one or more of these dimensions hold matter that we cannot see. This could explain Dark Matter and gravity. Similarly, what if some of these dimensions contain a repelling energy, forcing our universe to expand. That could explain Dark Energy.

As for the Quantum Mechanics particle effect, suppose that what we see is only a portion of the particle, the rest being in one or more of the other dimensions. Therefore, the same particle could exist in multiple places in our 3 dimensions, poking in and out at random. This could also explain the chaos seen at quantum levels.

These are only my opinions and I have no real scientific background, but I dislike the way the above “scientific theories” dismiss certain aspects that cannot be seen and just state that it must be true because that’s what we see in our 3 dimensions.

I thought scientists were supposed to think outside the square (cube in 3-d), but they talk in dimensions that are visible and dismiss everything else. No-one that I know has challenged the idea that other dimensions exist around us but we are incapable of seeing them because we are not living in there plain.

Who knows, this may explain ghosts and other supernatural phenomenon as well.

Your thoughts would be appreciated.


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  1. Hi Don,

    We as humans truly have limited knowledge about what’s going on out there. We just can’t seem to fiquire it out fully. At this point in time we are not as smart as Mother Nature. We may never be.

    Physicists are left with the problem of explaining everything. I do believe we have come a long way in trying to figure out the universe. We do have a good grasp about certain things and we are close, but no cigar so to speak.

    We create intelligent theories like the Big bang, String theory and we call things Dark matter, Dark energy, Dark flow, black hole. (why not dark hole)

    The more we find out about things, the more questions arise. It seems to me in order to explain something that we don’t understand we call it dark this and that, so we can continue to have our calculations and theories work and not break down, something like just fill in the blank.

    Some say this, some say that, you say this and I say that. Who’s got the right theory? We just really don’t know. Through history’s lessons though someone may be right. People laughed at some and today it has been proven right.

    A theory is a speculation based on scientific experiments using our intelligence. All we can do is use our intelligence through science and create the best answer through observation.

    I not knocking physics although I sometimes wonder if our physics are sound or who’s knows perhaps we may find out or can’t figure out about something where the laws of physics just go out the window.

    Don’t worry we’ll just call it dark or black in order to get on tying to figure it out. We know a lot but not everything so I believe this is the best we can do.

    If we didn’t do this, we would know nothing.

    Terry Conti

  2. Steve Deerfield on March 20th, 2011 at 4:48 pm

    Excellent thoughts Don! In my unauthorized opinion there is only one dimension and it has multiple layers of clarity, ranging from the gross to the sublime and for lack of a more evolved term it’s called consciousness. It’s what drives us, as well as the scientists who search for it’s validity but all the while it remains elusive to man’s instrumental probe unless the probe is consciousness itself. It simultaneously transcends and inhabits all life and all the dimensions from here to eternity. Neo-natal life is fatal.

  3. 42 is a lot easier Don!

    I followed the logic of your argument and can’t find any obvious faults, but I’m just a layman like you. As you said string theory allows for a lot in quantum mechanics and can be one way the different dimensions are tied together.

    Isaac Asimov in ‘The Gods Themselves’, had our dimension tapping into the next dimension, for unlimited and free energy. When someone finally gets the Unified Field Theory it may solve our energy problems. 😉

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  4. Hi Don

    Just come over from Bill Murneys Blog.

    Great post, a bit high brow than normal 🙂

    I think having all the theories is great, from what I can see all the theories try to tie some sort of fact to fact and the unknown element is still unknown.

    The theories are limited due to mans knowledge of the universe,all things to be big bang and then creation began. What was there prior to the big bang? What made the big bang happen? and Why?

    There seems to be evidence now we are the off spring from a parent universe that was there prior to the big bang. So new universes could be created spontaneously from apparently empty space…

    I will stick to blogging and leave the thoeries to the scientists and enjoy the illusion of reality now.



  5. Thanks Guys,

    Maybe I’ll stick with 42, it’s a simpler answer.

    Remember: Eat lamb on ANZAC day, you know it makes sense.

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