I’ve Had A Request

It’s not often that somebody makes a request for an YouTube video, however, request and you shall receive (if I can find it). The request was for “Stairway To Heaven”, but before I present that particular song, I’d like to include a preample video.

Most of you Poms would know Rolf Harris. He entertained us in Australia, with paintings and songs of the Australian bush, before moving to England to teach the Poms some “culcha”. His most famous song was written in 1960, but here is a more recent performance:

His later hit song “Stairway To Heaven” was recorded in 1993. I haven’t found a better version than the original, so, as requested, here it is:

Rolf is indeed an individual that you cannot place into any other category than “Rolf Harris”. There is nobody else like him and he is a shining example of what Australia can produce, even though he had to go to the UK to be recognised.


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  1. Rolf Harris has almost become a national treasure in The UK Don.

    I can’t say he was one of my favourites but he is certainly multi talented. Is he now a recognised ‘great’ in Oz?

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  2. Thanks for this Don, that was a quick response to my request.

    ‘Tie me Kangaroo Down Sport’ was third in Australia’s referendum on the National Anthem. ‘Waltzing Matilda’ was second. Pity one of those didn’t win, it would have been good seeing Australians getting gold medals at the Olympics.

    Leamington Spa, England
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  3. Hi Bill & John,

    Australians have always recognised local talent, even if it was from NZ, if they spent a week in a flat at Bondi, we called then Aussies. Rolf is recognized as being an Australian, but not that ‘great’ as he has spent much of his life in the UK.

    John, I’m glad that Advance Australia Fair became our national anthem. I don’t think that a national anthem should contain lyrics about tanning a dead man’s hide nor stealing a sheep and stuffing it in a tucker bag. These are not things that a nation should aspire to.

    However, the English language has evolved and some young folk have difficulty with phrases like “girt by sea”, but it fits with the music.

    Thanks John, you have just given me an idea for my next post!


  4. OMG … and I recall the song when it was a hit in the US. Plus, as soon as I saw the name (Rolf Harris), I knew the name of the song! Thanks for the treasure.
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