Is PayBox A Scam?

A number of people have concerns about PayBox. They think it is a scam. Is it? I don’t know. How did eBay start up? or Google? Did they turn out to be scams? (One could actually argue that that they are – but that is another story for another time). I recently made a comment on the Masterclass Forum that may have confused my non-Australian friends. The quote was:

Well, if they don’t come good with the credit, they can go jump. 😡
But my credit is increasing and it has cost me nothing. 😀 If it all falls through, I’ve lost about 30 minutes of my time. 😥
And if they do something bad, I’ll get Aunty Jack to go over and “rip their bloody arms orf” 😯

So for those who lack Australian Culture, here is Aunty Jack:


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  1. Thanks for the Aunty Jack video Don. The show looks good, a touch of Monty Python about it? Was the TV series ever exported to other countries? I had certainly never heard of it, until visiting your blog.


  2. I don’t think it was exported as the humour was locally targeted. It just wouldn’t have made sense to anybody else.


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