Is It Worth It?

Is it worth having a high-powered PC if all you are going to use it for is working on the internet?

I have just spent almost 2 hours downloading a single ZIP file. My network connection was running at maximum speed, but my PC was running at less than 3% on each processor core. (No, I did not spend all that time watching the download – I did other things instead.) With the slow speeds we get in Australia, congestion on international routes, unexplained dropouts and continuous “scheduled downtimes” for “network upgrades” which cause more problems than they solve, it seems that my old Pentium-I machine can download just as fast as my Core 2 Duo.

Yes, I could upgrade to a higher speed, but at an exorbitant cost – and there is no guarantee that I will get any faster speed as no ISP will tell you what speeds you will really get. I live just 80km from Sydney CBD yet you would think that I was in outback Western Australia. I know the Federal Government is building a new fibre-to-the-home National Broadband Network, but at the current rollout speed, I may not live to see it. My area does not even rate on the rollout plan yet the Government wants to double the population in my area within the next 15 years.


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  1. But to be fair, having a Core2 Duo makes it easier to multitask while downloading said file 😛

    Facebook + download + job searching + itunes + msn = no probs!!! 😀

    *hugs and kisses*

  2. You’ve made me appreciate something I was taking for granted Don, fast internet access. 8)

    Over here in the UK, it was something the government prioritised as important for the “information age”. We don’t build ships or cars any more, so “information” has been targeted. 🙄

    We are ‘lucky’ though, living on a small island. It must me more difficult and expensive to sort out a continent. That’s no consolation to you however stuck with slow downloads. 🙁


  3. Hi John,

    We live in a very small portion of Australia, but there are great distances between each major population site. Our Government is trying to set up a National Broadband Network, but the opposition does not – and we have a hung parliament. It wasn’t that long ago we were all on dial-up and the opposition still thinks that’s good enough for the majority of people.


  4. Your problems with slow downloads, reminded me of the bad old days of dial-up. 🙁 Without broadband the Internet could never have become such a major force.


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