I’m Impressed

I must admit I’m impressed with Google’s ability to interpret what little I have on my blog and translate that to targeted adverts.  I talk about Cricket and suddenly there are ads for the upcoming Test Series in Australia.  I break a tooth and within a few minutes there are ads for dentists.  I complain about the slow broadband in Australia and straight away there are ads for faster broadband that I cannot access because I don’t live close enough to the higher density areas covered by those services.

Still, to have a piece of software read my ramblings and decide what adverts would best suite what I have written is quite unique.  Artificial Intelligence?  Probably not, but there seems to be more effort spent on marketing software than there is on pure scientific research.  If Google had been swapped with NASA, we would probably have colonised Mars by now.

Has anybody read “Buy Jupiter” by Issac Asimov?  It’s about a group of aliens who buy Jupiter to use it as an advertising sign for passing travelers.  Real Estate agents would be frothing at the mouth about the idea.  But why not?  It’s just a giant ball of gas.  But who owns it?  We cannot work out our own territorial differences here on earth, let alone the rest of our solar system.

Is it “legal” to claim ownership of other planets?  Under what law can we lay claim to anything that we haven’t produced ourselves?  Is it a case of “I was here first”?  Well that didn’t work in Australia.  Only now are the rights of indigenous Australians being seriously discussed – 200 years after we walked in and took over their land.  Still, I was born here, so I cannot do anything but consider myself an Australian.

Confused?  Let’s see; Google adverts, Issac Asimov, universal possession, aboriginal rights, land ownership.  Let’s see Google make something out of that!!!


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  1. Google is fantasic Don. I’m going to start a new religion to worship it. Your mate Barry is thinking up a sex angle, and then we launch. 😆

    I will look out for “Buy Jupiter”, I assume it was a short story because I haven’t heard of it. “The Foundation Trilogy” by Asimov were some of the books that converted me to Science Fiction. 8)

    The Great God Google hasn’t failed us. The current ads are; Property in Australia, Cricket, Aboriginies and……. Vets? However the vets advert is software for “RoboVet”. The Great God Google knows all, and has connected Asimov’s “I Robot” with “RoboVet”. 😉


  2. Yes John,

    Buy Jupiter was a short story in one of Asimov’s compilations of short stories. In his final years Asimov wrote a prequel to Foundation and three more Foundation books, which ended up marrying together a number of other themes that he had, including the Robots. Sadly, he died just days after completing the last Foundation book.


  3. I did read a couple more of the Foundation books, but I didn’t connect with them in the way I did wih the original three. That’s probably becuase I read the trilogy when I was 14, and everything was new and exciting then. 8)


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