I’m Down

Just when you think things can’t get any worse, more hits the fan and you slide deeper into the abyss. So my song for the week is a good old favorite of mine:


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  1. You are a man after my own heart Don. I count myself as a Beatles fan, and this is one of my favourites, although the Beatles did so many great tracks it’s hard to pin one down.

    I always used to play this on the jukebox in the first pub I drank in when I was 17. It was the flip side of a single. My memory is going now but I think it was ‘Help’, or possibly ‘I Feel Fine’ (with ‘I’m Down’ being a really suitable flip side). šŸ˜†

    Keep your spirits up Don, and keep the music coming……..


  2. Just today I was thinking that I don’t mind being called Bipolar if this is what I am. I’ve never asked.

    I know for certain that I DO NOT want to be called UNIpolar. Its just – I don’t know. Not catchy. Who else has this?

    Bipolar sounds like it offers more choices and am I the only person who thinks this describes a battery? He-ll-oo…

    If emotions are like tides and tide is what is used in water which washes clothing which will eventually enclose people – well, cycles must be good!

    And if thats Bipolar thinking and got me right here, right now, strapped into this guillotine. So be it.

    That’s what I say.

    Hang tough pal, but hang.


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