I’m Busy Trying Out WordPress 3.2

I have now loaded my test website (one of my old PC’s) with the latest WordPress version 3.2. The user site appears to be the same, but the Admin (or Dashboard) area has changed significantly. So far, I prefer the old v3.1 Dashboard, but I guess I have little choice as updates are pushed out far too often and I have little say in how things look and feel.

Just prior to this my web host (which hosts this blog) was upgraded with a new server and newer versions of Apache, PHP and MySQL. Apache is the latest version, and I had to upgrade my test website to be compatible with the server host, but PHP and MySQL are much older versions than are now available. I know these are very stable versions but I guess my host cannot disrupt it’s customers with constant upgrades. However, the version of MySQL used by my host is now quite old and PHP has significant improvements in later versions.

Still, all is working and there is nothing that I can see that would cause any problems. The new host server exceeds the requirements of WordPress v3.2, so should I upgrade or wait for v3.2.1?

I think I’ll wait…


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  1. It’s a weird upgrade… It cuts off anyone using older browser software, like Firefox 3 or 4 or Explorer 6 and 7. The JavaScript libraries are upgraded causing some wonkiness with plugins (which lets be honest, most are probably unsupported, or defunct.) It looks like significant upgrade and they maybe they chose the long weekend for a reason.

    My opinion… wait… but if they begin releasing security upgrades, then be prepared to test upgrading, so you don’t fall too far behind.

    I would imagine upgrading from 3.1 all the way to 4.8 would be alot more difficult.

  2. Thanks for your input James,

    I don’t use many plugins. One that I do use already has an upgrade for v3.2.

    I have various browsers on my test server, but multiple versions are too much of a hassle. Most people would have auto-update turned on (usually the default) and the browsers would all be up to the latest version. Those people who have turned off auto-update (like me – I don’t like surprises!) will need to upgrade. I have found that IE6 crashes and sometimes hangs a PC on many websites that no longer support IE6. I’m not sure about IE7 or FF3.


  3. It sounds weird indeed! I hate when all these upgrades keep coming and you think that they have better functionalities, corrections etc. But cutting off users with older software is nothing I can easily understand.
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  4. Thanks Nella,

    And I must say your English is very good. Unfortunately, my understanding of other languages is zero, except for a bit of Italian, mostly rude words and sayings taught to me by immigrants, to whom I thankfully attribute my induction to wine.

    Some software, like IE6 no longer works with many websites, so I guess that WordPress is just moving with the times.


  5. It’s all too technical for me Don, if WordPress come up with an update I automatically instal it, rightly or wrongly.

    I have just checked on my blog and yes I have installed 3.2, I noticed that the enlarge screen icon has changed and also the log out function.

    Well that’s my techie stuff done for the day!

    PS I notice that my CommentLuv has started working again after 2 months out of action. I haven’t a clue why?

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  6. Well I notice that WordPress v3.2.1 is now out. That didn’t take long, did it!

    Sometimes I wonder what these developers think testing is all about. They create ridiculous deadlines for themselves and then just cross their fingers when the software is released.

    It does not give me any confidence in a product when there is so much rush to get the next version out.


  7. I heard so much about WordPress 3.2 they say that it is better than the old version and it performs very well.
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