Howzat? A phrase/word/exclamation that most Cricket Umpires will be familiar with. The Laws of Cricket specify that an appeal is “How’s that?”, but most Umpires are now used to a guttural “ahhh” that may last for several seconds. Umpires are not permitted to give a batsman out unless there is an appeal, even though they may think it is out.

I have also not posted a favourite song for a while, so this is my selection for this week. Check out the haircuts from 1976, and please ignore the fact that they cannot mime, but Sherbert were a big band in Australia many moons ago…


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  1. I remember this one Don, I didn’t know that Sherbert was an Australian band though. I wonder how many other music tracks can be connected with cricket?

    For the past two years I have been conducting a grow your own mullet competition. I win this round because the lead singer of Sherbert has got the colour scheme wrong, everyone knows that a mullet looks much better when it’s completely grey. 😉

    Keep these music track coming Don, It’s like having a jukebox with my favourite records, but I don’t know what’s going to be selected next. 8)

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  2. No worries John,

    I have a few songs about Cricket but they are heavily under copyright and won’t allow the general public to appreciate them, even though they are over 30 years old.

    The mullet is still popular over here amongst the bogans.

    In the land of Oz, we have been celebrating Movember, a month in which “men” grow mustaches for “men’s health” issues such as prostate cancer and depression. It is now the 1st of December and time to shave off the stubble. My lip-hider has been growing for over 36 years and I wonder if I should shave it off? I can’t remember what I look like without one.


  3. Hola Sir,

    I am mullet-less, non mustachioed and reasonably free of prostate cancer.

    Howzat?! You may ask…

    I guess I’m just lucky that way.

    Of course, I overcompensate in other areas like an abundance of nose and ear hairs so don’t go calling me the perfect man just yet.


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  4. Yeah,

    You pretend-Yanks are all alike. Never do anything that might offend the minority.

    Last time I had my prostate checked I asked for a second opinion, so the doctor stuck two fingers up my backside. 🙂


    PS: So how is it going in snowy “Canadia”? It is almost 10:00pm here in OZ, with a balmy 20 degrees Celsius, all bugs sprayed, all pigs bedded down and the runway closed for the night.

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