Has Anyone Upgraded to WordPress v3.1?

I notice that WordPress v3.1 is now available, and I was wondering if anybody else who has a blog has upgraded to it. I do want to rework my blog at some stage, probably with a different theme, but I really don’t like using a “first release”.  Even though this is v3.1, it is really 3.1.0, that is, a first release with new functionality which may break my existing blog.  So I was just wondering if anybody out there has tried it with or without any problems.  Your comments would be appreciated.   🙂


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  1. Ignorance is bliss Don. I’ve upgraded the latest WordPress version, but didn’t realise it was a first release. I have noticed a few minor changes, like having a home page button on the Dashboard, but otherwise it works the same as before.

    I thought it was advisable to get the latest version to minimise the problem with virus’s and hackers. Steve Scott’s blog has just been hacked, and Randy Smith’s was hacked not long ago. That’s a nightmare I’d do anything to avoid.

    Leamington Spa, England
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  2. I’ve upgraded to 3.1 as well Don, and have had no problems that I have noticed so far.

    Ashton-under-Lyne, UK
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  3. Hi Don, sorry for being here sooner mate but i’ve been away from the PC most of this year looking after my mum.

    I mentioned you in an earlier post of mine as you were in my top ten traffic sources for last December, thanks for the traffic.

    I’ve also just noticed that you have placed a link to my blog in your blogroll, that’s very kind of you Don, thanks again.

    Onto your post:
    I have installed the latest version of WP 3.1 and at first i thought it was good. When we’re logged in and on our home page we now get a access bar across the top of the page to edit our content, settings and the like. Personally i don’t like this and think it’s a waste of time as we are better doing all that straight from the admin panel.

    A Problem I encountered
    Whilst writing my last blog post I wanted to add a video from my YouTube account (a tour of Viral Tweet Builder). I did add the video but for some time while trying to do so it got the better of me, let me explain.

    Normally when you add a video you grab the embed code from YT, go to the post, switch to HTML view, find the spot you’d like the video displayed and paste the code in. Then i would switch back to normal view enter my hyperlinks and check the post again for errors and typo’s. When happy publish it and bob’s your uncle.

    With V3.1 when i pasted the embed code over in HTML view and switched back to normal it Removed my video all together. So i couldn’t add my hyperlinks in the normal way.

    Scratching my head and trying again (failing every time) i decided the only way to add the video was to write the complete post in HTML, save as a draft, preview it, made changes (again in HTML) and then publish it.

    I’m no HTML expert Don and found that the post took most of the day to upload and get right as opposed to an hour or so.

    If I was you Don I’d wait for this error to be corrected and grab the next update instead.

    I hope this has been helpfull Don, thanks again for the Traffic and the link in your sidebar.

    Respect and regards, Barry
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  4. Apologies Don, Barry has just visited my blog and mentioned the problem he outlines in his comment here.

    I didn’t realise that this problem was the result of updating to WP 3.1. My solution has been to write the post in visual, add the YT code in html and publish while still in the html code.

    Failed Techie, Ashton-under-Lyne, UK
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  5. Hi Don,

    How are you? I hope all is well. Yep, I went through what Barry explained when I was trying to put a video on my recent post, but didn’t continue working in html. I did it the way Bill explains.

    After doing it Bill’s way then you can come back to your dashboard and look at everything in normal view and continue adding links and working.

    Barry if you are reading this sorry you had to go through all that.

    Anyway, other than that I don’t find any problems Don. I did come across a way you can get rid of the Bar Barry was talking about but don’t remember where I saw it. If you ever get this version and want to get rid of that bar, I guess do a search.

    Catch you later Don,

    Terry Conti

  6. Thanks Guys,

    It is good feedback. As you know I like to post YT songs and the workaround to the problem is a great help. It’s a bit sad that such a major issue was not picked up before in the beta and release candidates that were posted regularly. But that seems to be the nature of the beast these days.


  7. Hi Don,

    I’ve installed the new version as soon it was showing in the Dashboard and having no problems to date.
    As long as you back up your blog before you install then I would say go for it.

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