Has Anybody Got A Spare Ark?

Has anybody got a spare ark I can borrow? I will probably only need it for 40 days and 40 nights. After that, if you haven’t been washed away, you can have it back.

Fair dinkum, it’s been raining here for so long even the ducks have taken shelter.   The weather bureau has stopped saying if it will rain or not.  They now only tell us how much rain we can expect.

Just a few years ago our dams were nearly empty.  Billions of dollars was spent to build a desalination plant in Sydney.  Now, millions of dollars are spent to keep it idle whilst the dams fill up and megalitres run down the streets and into the sea every minute.  We have serious flooding to the north of NSW and into QLD.

I haven’t umpired a game of cricket for so long, I’ll have to re-sit my exam! (some players think I should anyway).

So, if you have a spare ark, I would be greatful for you assistance.

Note: Italian cruise ships need not apply.


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  1. Hi Don

    It seems you are getting ‘a taste of Manchester’ down under. We are used to it here but it pisses me off that a country with so much rain can run out of water after a dry spell.

    It’s all down to lack of foresight by our arsehole politicians.

    The ark is on it’s way. Churchill once said he had nothing against Italian liners because “there’s none of this women and children first bullshit”.

    Bill Murney recently posted..Bucket ListMy Profile

  2. Hi Bill,

    February is usually the hottest time of the year here. Blazing Sun, 40+ degrees celsius, bush fires, etc. But the weather bureau has forecast only 4 days of sun this month, and we’ve just had 2 of them 🙁 . Saturday and Sunday were fine and 28, but the ground was too sodden to walk on. Today started out sunny until a southerly change this morning dropped the temperature and the place fogged up quickly. That cleared away just in time for the next rain front to blow in. The forecast is for Thursday and Friday next week to be sunny, and then back into rain again.

    As for Italian liners, I thought it was an accident – he slipped and fell into the lifeboat 😉 . Wasn’t that lucky?

    As for lifeboats, isn’t it strange that they only work if the ship sinks bow or stern first (eg. Titanic), but most ships list to one side and make the lifeboats useless. Now that the big liners have about 90% above the water line, is it any wonder that they fall over sideways?


  3. Don,
    Just send that rain on over to California. We’re a bit dry this year. Don’t think I can help with ark though.
    Ralph recently posted..What is your retirement strategy?My Profile

  4. Hi Ralph,

    It’s a pity we have floods here with some rivers now at 14 metres and rising whilst other parts of the world are dry. Just two and a half years ago we were in drought. Now it all just washes out to sea.


  5. Just had another major thunderstorm here that dropped more than 4 inches* in about 30 minutes. Had one yesterday and last night as well. Keep sending those arks, we need them.

    * For those young people that don’t understand “inches”, one inch = 2.54 cm.


  6. Don, have you survived the flooding? I’ve been working an ark of my own.
    Geoffrey Hale recently posted..No Sleep For FreedomMy Profile

  7. Geoffrey, since I wrote that post things have gotten worse. Half of NSW and Vic (most populated states in Australia) are in flood, with more water finding it’s way down already swollen rivers. Many people are being evacuated, crops and livestock lost. Some areas have had more than their average annual rainfall in one day. Most records have been broken and there is the likelihood of more to come.

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