For No Other Reason

For no other reason than I like the song, and it holds some remembrance of my youth, I thought I would share with you a song that may be a bit more up-beat than my last blog post.


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  1. The sentiments may be more up-beat then ‘Yer Blues’ Don, but the overall sound I think is dour. 😮

    I confess I just don’t ‘get’ the Eagles. I like some Country music, and most Rock music, but the Eagles are neither one or the other. For me, they fall between two stools.

    Easy listening, ‘middle of the road’ music annoys me, mainly because it’s so popular. 😉 It’s also very safe. I prefer music with a bit of edge to it.

    I know I’m in the minority here, my best friend loves the ‘Desperado’ album and my girlfriend is a fan as well. So don’t let me put you off more music posts Don. Bring them on. I’m even quite enjoying having a moan. 😆

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  2. Hi John,

    I hope when you refer to stools you are not referring to the backside variety. Your girlfriend may be a fan but what if your wife finds out?

    Seriously though, The Eagles have many hits that I like and some that I don’t. They also have some non-hits that I like and many that I don’t. You either like a song or you don’t and I respect your right to have different tastes from mine. This particular song takes me back many decades when I may not have had my mind entirely on the road.

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