First Match of the Season

Yesterday was my first match of the season, a trial match between an Indian State Touring side and 8 Sydney grade players with 3 poms English lads. As far as the match went, it was good to get back into it again, although I feel a little stiff and tired.

However, while eating my chicken roll for lunch I crunched down on part of a tooth (one of mine – chooks don’t have ’em). I managed to see a dentist today and he happily told me that I had lost the only part of my tooth that wasn’t a filling. So, after what seemed like endless drilling, off came all the old fillings and on went the new. After an hour and a half in the chair the dentist said that I really needed a crown and that the tooth in front needed work as well! He also sent me for an OPC (or Orthopantomogram). This is a panoramic X-ray of my upper and lower jaw and all my teeth to see if there is any trouble below the gums. At least the OPG was bulk-billed. The dentist wasn’t. Still, I did have 3 needles, an entire tooth reconstructed, a X-ray and close-up photo images taken of my teeth. And I got a free toothbrush and a sample of toothpaste!! Woohoo!

Now I feel a little stiff and tired and I have a sore mouth.


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