Eagle Rock Part 2

By popular request (well, one anyway), here is Eagle Rock by Ross Wilson.  The band was Daddy Cool, not to be confused with the song Daddy Cool by Boney M.  This clip is from 1971, when I was doing the same crazy stuff.  Ahh…the memories…


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  1. Thanks Don, that was quick work. 8) I’ve never heard this before, but I had a smile on my face the whole way through. I like ‘good time’ bands.

    The chap wearing a tail reminded me of a band I saw recently called ‘Gong’. The band leader came on stage wearing a giant pixie hat. 🙄 It was very, very funny, although I was drunk at the time which made it even better. 😆


  2. I’ve just realised that they left the intro off the front of the song. If you can imagine just the guitar between “Now listen…” and “Gonna turn around once and do the Eagle Rock” – that was the intro. Oh well, it’s hard to get good media content these days.


  3. Thanks Don This Brings back My Crazy Dayz
    I would have been 10yrs old when this was footage was released though obviously I wasn`t drunk at that age….Scroll forward a decade and there I was…Rollin back the years..
    Keep up the tunes Don `cos music has this healing effect that lasts..
    Take Care Buddy
    And bring on the Nostalgia..
    all the best …MIKE

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