Drambuie 101

It’s cold and bleak here in the land of Oz. We are experiencing a series of antarctic wind blasts that have caused havoc in suburbia and blizzards in the higher altitudes. We have two trains stuck in the Blue Mountains due to trees falling on them but luckily no serious injuries.

The wind has been whistling past my place at great knots and the heater has been going all day.

How do I combat the climate? With Drambuie of course.

It may not cure the winter-time-blues, but after a few shots, who cares?



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  1. Don’t worry Don we will be getting the same in a few months. Summer here in the UK usually means good weather for around 30 days a year in total.

    As a Drambuie fan myself I can think of no better comfort drink than a glass or three in the winter. Bonny Prince Charlie was no fool.

    A-U-L, UK
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  2. Today is even worse. And I am down to my last half-glass of Drambuie. At $100 a bottle, it can be an expensive habit.


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