Daylight Savings Time

Yeah! it’s the start of Daylight Savings Time!

It’s that time of the year when one can sit in the freezing cold and look out the window at the rain for an extra hour. 

For my overseas readers’ information, it is a long weekend here in the land of Oz.  We celebrate May Day on the 1st Monday in October.   Although we call it Labour Day, it has nothing to do with Mother’s Day.  (In Western Australia it’s called the Queen’s Birthday Holiday – they’re a different lot over there.)  Aussies like a long weekend, hence the 1st Monday in October and not the 1st of October (like the 1st of May in the northern hemisphere).

I think I can remember one year when it didn’t rain on this weekend, but I couldn’t tell you when it was, it was so long ago.  It’s also school holidays, so there is mayhem on the roads, excessively high petrol prices, and little brats running around breaking all the branches off the shrubs in the garden.

When the sun finally comes out and it gets a little warmer, I’ll have to clean up the back balcony – it’s covered in pine needles and pollen from the trees being bombarded by the gale-force winds.  Then I’ll have to clean the BBQ, get rid of the cockroaches, rats, birds nests and whatever else lurks under the covers.  At the moment, there is nothing much to do here, except blogging and checking out other blogs.

Oh, and maybe catch up on some sleep. 


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  1. Is this you really writing this stuff?

    How does a person make something that is so friggin mundane so interesting to read?

    Any chance of getting coloring lessons from you?

    It would be in the shade, you know.

    Your friend.

    Albert Einschtein
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  2. Don, we are approaching the end of British Summer Time (that’s a joke, it’s pissed down most of the summer) so we lose an hours daylight in 4 weeks time.

    Mind you we have just experienced the best 5 days of glorious sunshine this year. I was sat outside at a barbie on Saturday evening till midnight enjoying a taste or two.

    At least you have got the good weather to come and your involvement with cricket will keep you busy, I’ll bet you really look forward to the new season. It’s not my bag cricket, but it’s great that you are passionate about a sport.

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  3. Bill, I now remember what umpiring Cricket is like – my back is stiff and I have a swollen ankle (don’t know where that happened). We even had to call the game off due to bad light (heavy cloud cover that was the prelude to the rain).

    Mr Einschtein, is it true that your “Theory of Relativity” is that you are relatively unstable? 😉


  4. I resemble that remark, pal.
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  5. I thought you might!

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