Cricket Round 5 – Day 1

Well, it didn’t rain!  It was 30° and 98% humidity.  The outfield was what might be called “soft”, and the pitch was hard and flat.  With the heat and humidity, drinks were paramount.  Unfortunately, the more drinks breaks you have the slower and longer the game goes.  With all the drinks breaks, a change of innings and the usual delays due to field changes, we didn’t finish the day’s play until 6:59pm.  I was stuffed.  What was even worse was, when I got back to our “match debriefing centre” (otherwise known as “Penguin Corner” at the local), everybody else had left.  So I went home, without a debrief or a beer.  But that is probably for the best as I have a big match in Newcastle tomorrow.

So it’s good night from me and it’s good night from him.


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