Cricket Round 4 – Day 1

It has come to my notice that I am slack because it is Friday and I haven’t posted last weekend’s Cricket experiences. Maybe this is because my partner and I kept a low profile and didn’t have cause for concern. It’s a good day’s umpiring if you can last to the finish and the players didn’t notice you, except to give the decisions which everyone expected. And to get thanks from the Captain of the fielding side at the end of the day is also one of life’s little pleasures.

It certainly was an unexpected day’s play. The team who were expected to walk all over the opposition, did not perform very well in the field and gave away too many runs and dropped too many catches. On the other hand, the team that was supposed to be a walk-over, bowled quite well and showed that they could be competitive.

Nobody wants to see a team comprehensively beaten every match, and given their day, teams can perform. Sometimes it just takes that bit of luck – that magical catch that just sticks or that golden ball that no batsman can play – to lift a team into self-belief.

The match is now evenly poised for an exciting finish. This is what umpiring is all about. A close finish, test yourself to be up to the occasion, be alert, keep calm, concentrate. Coming away from a close match, knowing that you did a good job is a high that rivals winning a Grand Final. And I have to opportunity of doing that every weekend, not just once a season.


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