Cricket Round 1 – The Joys Of Umpiring

Well, round 1 of the cricket season was on the Saturday of the October long weekend.  Daylight savings started on the Sunday.  So, what normally happens?  Let’s see, holiday, daylight savings, cricket – ah yes, it rains.  But it rains just a little so that we can get most of the day’s play in.  However, it is heavily overcast for most of the day and I had to pull the pin just 5 overs from making it a match, due to bad light.

One team was well on top and the other near collapse, but what could I do?  I had to follow the Laws of Cricket that state that I must suspend play when it is dangerous or unreasonable for play to continue and I must not take the state of play into consideration.  I did just that and copped the wrath of the team who was on top (naturally).  The other team was delighted with my decision (also naturally).

The Laws of Cricket were updated for 2010 and came into force on the 1st of October, so you pommy b my English counterparts have not yet experienced the new law that states that the Umpire is the sole judge of the conditions for play.  That is, we don’t consult the Batsmen nor the Captains, we just say “it is unreasonable for play to continue”.

I do feel for the side that was on top, and I know that if the roles were reversed, the other team would strenuously object, but I am happy with my decision, even though I have probably made a few enemies along the way.

When it comes down to the bottom line, I love umpiring impartially more than being known as biased to certain teams as the latter will certainly not get me anywhere with my umpiring career.


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  1. Are you ‘down under’ Don? There was a bit of a giveaway with your “pommie b…” 😆

    You are the first person I have ‘met’ who understands the rules of cricket. All I remember about it at school, is I would be standing on one side of a field chatting to my mate. Then every so often we would have to go and have a chat on the other side of the field. When we crossed over, there were some kids in the way, with a bat and ball. I don’t know what they were doing there?

    You have probably seen this before, but I found some good rules of cricket, hanging up in a pub. You can find it here:


  2. You have guessed my location correctly John. I have seen “the rules” before and it is quite good. Now for Round 3…


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