Crash, Boom, Opera

I’m just sitting here composing my weekly blog about my cricket experiences, when suddenly, Crash, boom, water… The fellow above me in my unit has a 10,000+ gallon fish tank, or should I say, had a fish tank. Something happened, the kids are screaming, water is gushing down the stairs, (thankfully it is only down the stairs so far), and for the last 30 minutes, water is still going everywhere. The fire alarms don’t like it and are expressing themselves as best they can. What annoys me the most is that I had fish and chips yesterday – I could have had a free feed today! Oh, why does it always rain on me?


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  1. Hey Old Bugger,

    For the first time in our lives my wife and I hid in the back of our darkened house on Free Candy Night 2010.

    Flipping old beggar neighbors had their lights blazing and candy / god knows what all else flying out their front doors that night…

    Some of these crazy friggers who surround us also own leaf blowers and all manner of maddening yard care equipment but not me.

    I love being a crazy bastard hiding right here, out in the open. With no equipment to speak of.

    How you doing, pal?


  2. Well, if you haven’t worked it out by now, I am a diabetic and the only lollies I have around the house are glucose beans that I use whenever I have a hypo episode. Mind you, I like a shot of sugar every now and then, but I prefer a shot of scotch to liven things up.


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