CommentLuv Is Coming Soon

I am going to do something I haven’t done before. I’m going to promote a paid product, and yes, I will get a commission from any sales made through my blog.

If you have been to my blog before, you may have noticed that I now have a pre-release version of CommentLuv Premium, which is an upgrade from the free version I used before. This version provides so much more than the free version that you may want to take a look at this video.

The creator of this plugin, Andy Bailey, is not standing still with this product and is always asking for feedback in order to add new functionality and improve its usability.  Every user can have input into the next release of CommentLuv Premium.

Regular readers of my blog would know that I rarely get excited about a software release.  In fact I never get excited about a software release, but I have found this WordPress plugin to be very useful in attracting more visitors to my blog.  The fact that it combines 8 commonly used plugin features into one plugin also makes life easier for me and also improves performance by having less plugins installed.

Don’t miss out on one of the best plugins for WordPress in the last few years, one that promises to become the only plugin you will ever need.

Here’s the URL once again: CommentLuv Premium.


11 Responses to “CommentLuv Is Coming Soon”

  1. Hi Don

    I have signed up for further information and the video course and will have a good look when it comes.

    Bill Murney recently posted..Falling BehindMy Profile

  2. Thanks Bill.

  3. I’m new at using commentluv and will definitely get into the premium thanks for the tip Bill…
    Di recently posted..Welcome To Santa Barbara Malai Thai MassageMy Profile

  4. Hi Di,

    If you want a blog that attracts lots of visitors, CommentLuv will help you get the links to make you more visible on the internet.


  5. Can’t wait! I’m on the list! The free version is really awesome so I’m thinking that the paid version is gonna be the bomb!

    I originally picked it up for backlinking but I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how many great blogs I’ve been coming across, I actually end up reading quite a few of them!
    Frank recently posted..Update Your Plans for Hen House?My Profile

  6. Thanks Frank,

    CommentLuv Premium should be launching today.


  7. Err, my mistake. The pre-launch videos started on the 7th. CommentLuv should be available tomorrow.


  8. Hey Don,

    I did it, I purchased the premium version and it’s very cool indeed!

    I’m especially happy about the GASP function – that’s the section where Comment Luv puts up a java script checkbox that commenters have to check in order for their comments to be considered “Not spam” – I guess that bots can’t read java script so that’ll eliminate a bunch of the lame automated comments like “Nice post” and “very enlightening” and “Keep up the good work”. I had noticed comment luv blogs that had a little check box that said “Confirm you are not a spammer” but didn’t have a clue why it was there! Now it makes sense!

    For any of you that might be on the fence about purchasing the comment luv plug-in, I gotta tell you it’s awesome. Andy did a great job with it and you won’t regret your purchase! The link is above in Don’s post!

    Frank recently posted..Update Your Plans for Hen House?My Profile

  9. Thanks Frank – ynwf.

  10. As soon as you get CommentLuv, oh look! =)

    I actually came here to talk about Santa Barbara but it looks like the only one talking about Santa Barbara is Di at her latest blog post, and consequently the only reason I’m here is because you have CommentLuv and she commented on October 30th, 2011 at 6:48 pm. Enjoy the bonus traffic from Santa Barbara CommentLuv search queries. Excellent choice using CommentLuv imho.

    Geoffrey Hale recently posted..The Many Colors of Santa BarbaraMy Profile

  11. Welcome Geoffrey. I have found some very interesting content just by following links. Sometimes I forget what I was originally looking for and end up many hours later reading something completely different.

    Don Maisey recently posted..The Don Maisey Blog Has MovedMy Profile

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