Changes to the Laws of Cricket update

Well, the mini training session went as I expected. The Captains that were there looked blank, as they don’t know the Laws anyway, so how would they understand the changes. Anyway, the two contentious issues seem to be Practice on the Field and the fact that Umpires will no longer offer the light to the batsmen. The usual comments of holding the Umpires responsible for injuries on the field kept coming up, but I’ve heard them all before.

There were quite a few Umpires at the meeting, which was good to see.

Now, onto the next task. A full training session for new umpires this weekend, with an exam at the end. This will be over next weekend. A full day on Saturday and Sunday. I’m tired just thinking about it now. Oh, it’s midnight here, no wonder I’m tired. Time to hit the sack. See you tomorrow.


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