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Changes to the Laws of Cricket update

Well, the mini training session went as I expected. The Captains that were there looked blank, as they don’t know the Laws anyway, so how would they understand the changes. Anyway, the two contentious issues seem to be Practice on the Field and the fact that Umpires will no longer offer the light to the […]


Update on the Laws of Cricket

On Tuesday evening I am giving a lecture on the changes to the Laws of Cricket for the coming season.  I hope that more than two people turn up.  Actually I am hoping that some Captains might turn up, because they should know the Laws and have no excuse when they get it wrong.  Of […]


Start of Season 2010 /2011

Well, the first pre-season match was due to take place on Saturday 4th September, and guess what happened?  Yep, it rained all night and the match was called off.  Today it is nice and sunny, although it is pretty windy.  I swear that the weather knows what it is doing!  It’s a nice way to […]