Beer Appreciation 101

For many years my boys have tried to tell me that my normal brew, Tooheys New, is .  This Christmas I was given a stack of various beers to try and comment on, so here are my findings.


White Rabbit – Dark Ale – Open fermented – Australian Beer.
Malty taste but very smooth. Pleasant taste remains on the palate. Would be a good beer to have just before meals.

My Rating: I like it 


Angry Man – Pale Ale – NZ Hops – Australian Beer.
Very strong taste (as the label suggests) with a long bitter aftertaste from the hops. Finished in the bottle, so it must be poured into a glass as the bottom contains dead yeast.

My Rating: A bit too strong on the palate for my liking. 


Monteith’s Golden Larger – NZ Beer.
Quite a smooth larger with a burnt malt flavour. Aftertaste has a hint of hops but is not bitter. Quite drinkable once you get used to the taste, which is different to the mainstream Australian largers.

My Rating: Not bad. 


Hoegaarden – Belgian Wheat Beer.
Naturally fermented, which means it’s rather cloudy and needs to be poured into a glass. Tastes like home brew with a distinct aftertaste of honey.

My Rating: Not one of my favourite beers.


Atomic Pale Ale – American style Australian Beer.
A moderately strong flavour with a bitter hops aftertaste. If this is American style beer, then heaven help the US.

My Rating: Not on your nelly.


Oranjeboom – Dutch Beer.
A typical Dutch beer, in the Heineken style, but with a lighter taste and a similar aftertaste to Crown Larger.

My Rating: Probably the best beer of the international selections. 


Crown Larger – Premium Australian Beer.



There is more to come as I delve into the next set of unhearof beers .  Stay tuned for the second installment of Beer Appreciation, once my liver recovers from the first installment.  And in the meantime, please click on all the ads, I need the money.




10 Responses to “Beer Appreciation 101”

  1. Hi,

    i like this post. *gg*

    My tip for you: test german beer. for example: “flensburger” its a little bit strong, but really good 😉
    and i like beer from netherlands mhhhhhhhh

    last year my friend and i had hollidays in Domburg/ NL, it raining dogs and cats all the time. so, we sit down in “strandpirat”, trink heineken and olde genever, and pannekoeken with cheese and ham…. what a great holliday 🙂

    please, test german beer.

    wish you much fun with your beer-test 🙂

    Prosit from germany Sandy 🙂
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  2. Thanks Sandy,

    I had to rescue your post from my spam filter, but I think I did the right thing. Germans like their beer. I have 10 more beers to try. I don’t know where they are from, but I will post my response as I drink them.

    I think the best way to taste German Beer is to try it in Germany, and maybe I will do that one day.

    Beer tasting is fun.


  3. Hi Don,

    thank you for answer. oh man, you must visit germany and trink beer 😉

    wish you much fun with your tasting and cheers *gg*

    nice weekend

  4. Not heard of most of them Don but I do know Hoegaarden and Orangeboom, although I have not tried them.

    Sounds like a labour of love. Where do you get the drinking smilies from?


  5. I haven’t heard of most of them either, Bill. I’ve only got one bottle of each, so my samples are small (330ml for yuppie beer, 500ml for others). I’ve got some more reviews coming, but I have a few more to get through. It’s a labour of love only if the beer is good.

    The drinking smilies come from my collection of animated .gif files I have gathered over the years from various internet sources. I now remember that someone (I think John McNally) asked about them and I was going to make them available, and I duly forgot. I don’t have them all uploaded, so, I may do that and give everyone access to a zip file of my favourites. What do you think?


  6. Don, I would certainly be interested in access to that. I love the smilie downing a jar!


    PS My commentluv isn’t working and I’m f….d if I know why not.

  7. No sooner said than done Bill.

    Check out my latest blog post

    You can also access the file at any time from the right sidebar under the heading “Free Downloads”.


  8. Hi Bill,

    CommentLuv is working for me on your site. Maybe the server was down for a while. Mine was down last Friday for an upgrade.


  9. At least that’s one good thing Don, it’s working from your side. It’s not working when I leave a comment on other sites. It says “A feed could not be found at

    I have had a look on the Commentluv website help section and it’s something to do with the RSS header feed, I will have to let my techie solve that one.


  10. CommentLuv had better work from my side, I paid for the premium plugin!

    Sounds like RSS feeds have been turned off on your site. These need to be working for CommentLuv to run.

    I had a quick look at your site and it reminded me that I need to upgrade my copyright date. It’s taken me this long to realise we are into another year!

    PS. Your site looks great. That’s what I need, a walk with scenery. If I walk around here, you only see what rubbish people have dumped.


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