Australian Batsmen Dine on Indian Curry at SCG

I’ve just spent a non-productive day watching the cricket bewteen India and Australia, and I have been impressed. Micheal Clark on 251 not out, Michael Hussey on 55 not out and Ricky Ponting (the only wicket to fall today) on 134.  The crowd at the SCG were very knowledgeble, chearing when each Indian bowler made their 100 runs against Australia.  Let’s hope that Michael Clark can get 300, which will be the highest score at the SCG (currently 287 – held by some pommy bastard in 1903), and Hussey proves the newspapers wrong.  I hate cricket selection by media, and if the papers had their way, the three top scorers wouldn’t be playing today – what do they know?  I could go on, but what do I need to say?  India: 10 for 191, Aust: 4 for 482.  That says it all.


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  1. Yes, I watched it all. Clarke made 329 Not out and Hussey was 150 not out when Australia declared.

    Clarke is now the Million Dollar Man. I watched everything and I am now the man who watched it all – for nothing.

  2. Hi Don

    I am not a cricket fan but your post headline reminded me of an headline in the UK many years ago in a game between Yorkshire and Worcestershire.

    It ran “Yorkshire Relish Worcester Sauce”, a great play on words because from what I remember, Worcester with a low score declared and let Yorkshire in to bat, and they gave them a hiding.

    Yorkshire Relish is a sauce, as is the Worcester variety, both similar in taste but Worcester is acknowledged as the better of the two.

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  3. Thanks Bill. My parents were English and Dad always had a bottle of Worcester Sauce on the table, although Yorkshire Relish is new to me.

    I always like catchy headlines, and some headlines that didn’t turn out the way they were supposed to. My all-time favourite was a headline many years ago that said “Ten Thousand Fleeing Volcanoes”. Now that would be a sight, but nobody said what the 10,000 volcanoes were fleeing from.

    PS. I like your new website. For anybody interested in Bill’s walking adventures, check out


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